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Readers Write

If you would like to leave a comment about an article or story featured in 15MinutesMagazine, please visit our Contact Us page.

Brilliant Work

I have to say, the amount you said about the Kribbitt in that single paragraph is simply outstanding [August/September 2013, Products]. As I was reading I was thinking to myself, with the amount of text left he could not have covered this, that or the other, and lo and behold you did and in fine fashion I must add. Brilliant work and thank you so much for including me in this edition.

Best regards and I hope to meet up with you again one day,

Paul Carmichael
Kribbitt Innovation Corp.


Much Appreciated

Thank you so much Tim – it is a wonderful story and should help educate people about lupus and our work. We really appreciate the coverage! [Cover Story: Issue 108 May/June 2013]

Margy Meislin
Director of Communications
Lupus Research Institute| S.L.E. Lupus Foundation
New York, N.Y.
Thrilling News

I'm thrilled you brought this to my attention! I have since posted it to Amherst Media's facebook page with 29,000 fans! Thank you so much! [Books: Nikon Speedlight Handbook, May/June 2013]

Kate Neaverth
Amherst Media

You’re Welcome

GREAT story, Tim! THANK YOU for sharing it with us (Travel, January 2013), and THANK YOU for visiting South Dakota.

Jim Hagen, Secretary
South Dakota Department of Tourism

Amazing Story

Hi Tim: I just saw and read your amazing coverage of the MOTY lunch [American Cancer Society’s Mother of the Year, June 2011]. HUGE thanks for such an extraordinary story. I am indebted to you. What a wonderful keepsake for me--and moreover my daughters. It is truly special--and so are you!

Muffie Potter Aston
New York, N.Y.

You’re Fantastic Too

15 Minute Magazine looks absolutely fantastic and it has been great reading about it and having a look online.

Anna Sharp
Senior Account Manager
Essence Communications
London, England

Helping The Disabled

Greetings from Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged (AHS) in Jordan.

We have received a copy of the article that you have prepared regarding your visit to AHS. We were so delighted to read your positive comments which show us how much you have enjoyed the time spent with our children.

We highly appreciate your kind words and the provided comprehensive information. Your article will hopefully attract the attention of many people to join us in our efforts and help persons with disabilities in Jordan with the contribution of improving their quality of life.

You are always welcome here as a friend, and hopefully we will continue to cooperate to spread the word about AHS.

Thank you again and best wishes from all the staff of AHS.

Annie Medzhagopian Abu Hanna
Executive Director

Another Link

This is great [Travel: Jordan, Issue 95 November/December 2009]. We have linked the story to our "New on Jordan and JTM" link on the Jordan Travel Mart website.

Manuel Cuevas
Director of Sales & Marketing
William H. Coleman, Inc.

Updated Design

RE: August/September 2009 Issue

Tim, this is KILLER fabulous!

Leigh Cort
Ponte Verde Beach, Florida

We’re on a Roll

Re: Carol Hall’s Hallways CD review in June/July 2008, Music.

We want to tell you how FABULOUS you are!
Thank you so much.

Judy Jacksina

Great Information
I just saw this and have enjoyed it so much (Travel: Harrah’s Atlantic City, September 2007).  Lots of great information, extremely useful for prospective travelers, and thoughtful in the way you express your opinions.

Naturally, a little “vanity press” never hurts – Michelle, Alyce and I look as if we are having fun (and we were!).  It was a great pleasure traveling with both of you, and we look forward to the next adventure together!

Joan R. Brower
Senior Vice President
M Booth & Associates, Inc.

Now Everyone Knows
Thanks so much for getting it to my attention [Front Page, June/July 2007]. We just circulated the link throughout the Red Cross.

Mike Virgintino
American Red Cross
New York

Touching Base
Thank you for your well-written article regarding the Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation (Pictorial Parade, December 2005). The enlightening column touched base with the heart of my humanitarian mission, namely the disabled indigent children.

The window of opportunity has been given an uplift and showered grace upon the children by the one and only Jules Peimer. Your expertise came forth with a dynamic blast of well-established knowledge.

Vicki Fenton
New York City

Adlon great
GREAT piece on Berlin – we love it there! [Travel, January/February 2005] Is that really a night pic of the Brandenburg Gate?? Bill [DeSousa] and I traveled there very year (except this past) since the Adlon Hotel reopened. Now that’s a great hotel!

Glenn Faria, Pres., CHME
Michael Patrick Destinations & Communications, Ltd.

Museum awesome
Great piece on Berlin [Travel, January/February 2005] – es ist meine Lieblingstadt! Also loved the Jewish Museum which I visited on my last trip. It was awesome! The Garden of Exile shot you included brought back those haunted memories of my visit there! Glenn [Faria] and I used to go there every year for ITB and always stayed at Hotel Adlon (a Kempinski property) at the Brandburger Tor (Is there anywhere else to stay? inquiring minds want to know.). We would BOTH highly recommend this for a hotel recommendation, also, the Hotel Estrel, Grand Hyatt and the Brandenbergerhof near the Ku-damm. Congrats on a terrific piece!

Bill DeSousa
Michael Patrick Destinations & Communications, Ltd.

Wonderful compliment
What a wonderful magazine, and what a great idea.

Susie Rosenbluth
Englewood, NJ

Thank you
You have an excellent website.

Shannon C. Schiner

You’re welcome
This is fabulous!! Thank you for [review of Cranium board game, Products, November 2003], I really appreciate it. This site is great, it offers such a good variety of information.

Melissa Chambers

China Fascinates
I read your article on China and found it fascinating [October 2003]. You were very brave to go there so soon after SARS hit. I hope to be able to go one day.

Emma Pearson Stoner

News of Israel
I wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading the magazine in general and your piece specifically.  I also looked through the archive, and found your piece on Shaare Zedek Medical Center in February's issue particularly moving.

Our website www.im4israel.org was founded to help Israel during these difficult times by helping small vendors who rely on tourism get access to the North American market. We donate a portion of sales to terror victims.

We also began a monthly newsletter, Time Out 4 Israel, with unique articles about all aspects of Israeli life but not the terror specifically, since there's enough coverage of that. We have nearly 2,000 subscribers.

Deena Schwimmer


Guy’s Ahead of The Times
New York Times, Weekend Section, page 2, the "On Stage and Off" column [April 4, 2003]. Lead bit, "Premium is the Norm," is about the pricey Premium Seating (such as the $480 VIP seats for The Producers). But Guy Le Bow's Opinion column had a different side to this subject in 15MinutesMagazine in the March issue. Once again, we’re ahead of The Times!

Barbara Carlin
New York, NY

We enjoyed the book
Thank you for the great review of my book, Passover Cookery (February 2003).

I also enjoyed your website; very handsome.

Joan Kekst

Recommending Applejack
Your magazine is quite interesting and informative. Recently my family visited New York. Before going to the theatre we had dinner in the Applejack Diner advertised in the magazine.

It was an enjoyable experience.  The waitresses were friendly, quick and efficient. And the servings were generous and tasty. I will definitely recommend the place to our friends.

D. Johnson
Dallas, Texas

Waving the Flag
I think a lot of people think flag waving is pointless and not the best show of patriotism these days. I wouldn’t fault Tony.

Liz Smith
Syndicated Columnist

See Tony Bennett flag fracas in Boxer Shorts (December 2002)

No Manual Saves Money
This is in reference to you review of the Nikon Coolpix 2000 [Products, October 2002]. I understand that while it may be easier to read a printed manual, it is very expensive to print and include a manual like this in all the different models of digicams that Nikon produces. We all pay more for something that is a convenience to some and useless to others. What is a far better solution is that the camera manufacturers charge a little less for the camera and give the option to have a manual mailed for an additional fee. That way, those that would like the convenience are paying the same price, and those that don't want it do not have to pay for it at all. Just a thought.


Serving Stockholm
I was looking around your site and was delighted to see your piece on Stockholm [September 2002]. I just recently completed a Web site for a travel agent client who specializes in Scandinavian destinations www.SwedenbySiv.com and now, having sold myself on its beauty, I plan to go there next summer when the days are long again. I printed out your article to take along.

Linda Lopez, President
Tellmedia Communications, Inc.

Great publication
Jules Peimer:
I ended up in Europe in the mid ‘90s and about a year ago started writing features for many international publications. By the way, congratulations on your site on 15MinutesMagazine.com.  It’s a great publication and I was touched by all of the letters written to you.

Jan Roberts

You got it right
Thanks for the link to the interview! [Travel, July 2002] It reflects exactly how people here feel and think about the current situation. Shalom and take care.

Ofir Gendelman
Deputy Spokesman
The Foreign Ministry, Jerusalem

Travel on the cheap
I just wanted to say "thanks so much" for the nice review of my book, The Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel, on your wonderful Web site.

Terrance Zepke

Good for the traveler
Jules Peimer:
It was a pleasure to meet you during my recent trip to New York. Isabel and I always enjoy New York. 15 Minutes Magazine is great for someone like me, who is always traveling and doesn’t have the luxury reading time.

R. Michael Mondavi, President
Robert Mondavi Wines
Oakville, Calif.

Lucky in Malaysia
What a wonderful story [Travel, September 2001]!  You really got lucky visiting during a Mega Sale month at Habib Jewels.  I will have to remember that when planning my own trip.  Thank you for your inclusion of Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur and of Lafite into your story.  The  pictures look wonderful as well.

Judy Reeves
PR Manager - North America
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Family Affair
Wow! checked your masthead, and...15MinutesMag is a Family Affair? Neat. I also liked the Myrtle Beach piece [Travel, August 2001]. Funny, I was thinking of organizing another one of my Women's Goddess Weekend retreats in Myrtle Beach (I do them often during the year). I think I'll seriously consider the Villas at Kingston Plantation. Your story was enticing.

Andrea Martone

Lookin’ Good
15MinutesMagazine sounds great, and looks great too.

Darlene Salzer
BlueSky PR
Portland, OR

The Lucky Ones
Your site is really interesting. Congratulations on keeping this going. I sometimes think that those of us who were spared being crawled all over by VC's were very, very lucky!

I think all of us who've been publishing sites for more than three years should form our own informal alumni association. Kind of like the Boy or Girl Scouts – you know, complete with iron-on patches ("HTML Achievement", "Effective Self-Promotion", "Kindness to Freelancers," and naturally, "Wilderness Endurance"). Once a year, we could have even have a "Jamboree" and trade 'zine publishing war stories :)

Steve Baldwin

Another Satisfied Reader
Jules Peimer:
I enjoyed the 15MinutesMagazine site. Thank you for your write-up on Literacy Partners  [June 2001] – it’s really good.

Bill Higgins

March On
We enjoyed your recent article on the March of Dimes [Dec. 16, 2000].

Georgette Farkas
Director of Public Relations
Daniel and Café Boulud, NYC

Lookin’ Good
Congratulations on your web site. It looks very good.

Richard Kahn
Public Relations for HSMAI

That's Why They're Rich
The McCartney review was great (Books: July 3). Loved the choice of the taxi story. Amazing what mega-rich people DON'T do with their money.

Jens Hussey
LA: Renaissance Books

Rush to Judgment:
Horse snatching no joke

I THOUGHT your story about Yossi Wircer's adventure was very "cute" (March 2000, Travel). Oi!  Such funny story!  Here's a boyish prank by a nice little bachor (well, ok, a decade after bar mitzvah), who's just a soldier (well, ok, so he was a commander), who took a little tchatchke home from his secret mission (well, ok, it was a valuable colt), without his rebbe's permission (well, ok, it was contrary to direct orders from a commanding officer). 

Such a sweet little practical joke!

I can't find words to tell you how appalled I am at Wircer.  How could you think this story was funny?  More importantly, how could Wircer?  He admitted in his interview at least to two felonies: to felony theft and disobeying a lawful order of a superior -- but this is all some big joke to Mr. Wircer.

Throughout the intifadeh, civilians claimed that the Israeli army treated them and their property badly just because they were civilians (we dismissed them as "just Arabs").  We all discounted the complaints by saying, "Oh, of course the Arabs are going to complain."  Too bad that Wircer's "funny story" reveals the depth of contempt that some commanders in the Army had for civilians and their property.

Obviously the Arab complaints were not as wrong as we were lead to believe. I am disgusted and appalled.

Brad Elbein
Atlanta GA

EDITOR’S NOTE: Besides being disgusted and appalled, you are also precipitative in casting blame.  First, the commander in question was not a yeshiva bochur (religious student). He came from a secular kibbutz in the Galil. Second, a month later he was killed when he stepped on a land mine.

Thank You
Very nice website.

Chuck Lennon
Media Relations Manager
Minnesota Office of Tourism

Al Gore, Michael Jordan Family Secrets
Read the column about the Veep and Jewish jokes [Al Gore, Nov. 29, 1999]. I was born and raised in Tennessee and now live in North Carolina, perhaps 20 miles from Michael Jordan’s mother’s home. The Gore family and the Jordan family have lots of secrets that only local people are aware of. I do respect Ms. Jordan’s family values. Apparently she did a great job with her children. But that is where it ends.

When Michael Jordan’s father was robbed and brutally murdered here in North Carolina, local people wondered why the family did not report him missing after several days. Apparently, this family is not so “value-oriented” as they would like us to believe. If my husband was missing for a week or two, I would be worried. But not Ms. Jordan. Michael Jordan’s father had not been reported missing at all. (Lots of secrets and lots of money and image involved.)

Same with the Gore family. Al Gore’s father was a demagog of the worst sort when I was growing up in Tennessee, and his son is nothing but the spawn of the father. I am not surprised to see that they do not instruct their grandchildren. I have 8 grandchildren, and I pray for them more than I did my children. Responsibility does not end when your children grow up and leave home. It only begins with the next generation. Obviously, that theory doesn’t apply to the Gores and Jordans.

Rose Poteat
Charlotte NC

Sheraton Means Business
Thanks for the WONDERFUL article about Yiddishpiel! You captured so well the special flavor of Yiddish theater AND the appeal of this company to a broad audience. I know your readers will enjoy it as much as I did.

I also enjoyed reading about the Sheraton City Towers. What a hotel! Makes me want to be a business traveler in Israel, just reading what you wrote about it.

Kathleen Ron
Development Consultant
Yiddishpiel, The Yiddish Theater of Israel
Tel Aviv

We're Not Poles
I am just as proud of Kissinger as you are. I admire the sonofabitch enormously. Almost as much as I loathe that celestine Barbara Walters. I am not Jewish but I have Jewish friends and find some just ass much a pain in the ass as non-Jews. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JEWISHNESS. I wish you and other influential opinion-makers would de-emphasize this separation. Jewish-nonJewish should not be a dichotomy. We are not poles in a polar world.

Marco Oliva

Looking Ahead

I didn’t realize it at first but read over the sentence below from Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano full five months before Hurricane Sandy. [Met Council, May 2013]

She said that her department partners with organizations like Met Council to help communities respond to disaster and other hardships.

"Homeland security begins with home town security. And you can’t have home town security without organizations like Met Council." You’re a prophet!

William Rapfogel
Executive Director
Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty
New York, N.Y.

Fabulous Issue

Mazel Tov on this most fabulous issue [June 2011]. You've really done it!!! All the best of good luck and keep up the great work. I'm passing it on to all cause it's very very special.  

Jeanette Hendler
New York, N.Y.

Linking Up

Thanks for the kind and insightful review of my book Digital Art Revolution for 15 Minutes! I posted a link to it on my site:
15 Minutes Magazine - Tim Boxer Reviews "Digital Art Revolution"

Scott Ligon

Well Deserved

Thank you for the stories [Travel: Jordan, Issue 95 November/December 2009]. I really enjoyed the one at the Al Hussein Society. They certainly deserve the publicity and I definitely appreciate and enjoyed volunteering there with you.

Malia Asfour
Jordan Tourism Board North America

Fine Export

I/we really do appreciate the wonderful review [Books: Coming of Age: A History of the Jewish People in Manitoba, Issue 95 November/December 2009]. You are truly a gutte neshama, one of Winnipeg's finest exports. The next time you are in Winnipeg (DO NOT come in January), please let me know. I would be very happy to see you. Sid Halpern is still around and remembers you fondly. I sent your article to Chaim Rozwaski in Berlin (actually, he was in Winnipeg last April [2009], so he took the nostalgic tour, similar to yours).

Abe Anhang
Winnipeg, Canada

Kudos for Comedy
To Jeffrey Gurian:

It never stops amazing me what a wonderful job you do on Comedy Matters.

Al Martin
New York Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club, The Improv

Magazine impressive
A truly great online magazine! Such a variety of people and events that you have covered! And, I am impressed! You use a Leica digital camera? Very nice!

Robert Kalfus
New York, NY

That’s Black & Decker
I won last month’s contest and did not know where that fantastic prize came from. I just Googled my name and found out. Wanted to say thanks so much for that dynamite tool. We have used it already and now I have three on my Xmas list for my sons-in-law. Will make a great gift.

Eleanor Greenly
Levittown, PA

Birds of Tel Aviv
You may remember me from Tel-Aviv with the barn-owl project (Travel, July 2004). I just wanted to say thank you for publishing it on the Internet, and to let you know that the project is going very good. There are already barn-owls and falcons in Tel-Aviv where they put the bird houses. Thank you again.

Gal Gingold
Tel Aviv

More to come
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review of our book, Drive: I-95:Exit by Exit Info, Maps, History and Trivia [Books, March 2004]. This is an annual guide so it will be updated and come out every September. We know those who have used it while driving between Boston and Florida enjoy having this "insurance policy" in their front seat with them and especially reading ahead to plan their meals and sleep stops from the comfort of their cars. We look forward to having feedback from people who use the guide and from those who live along the route so we can keep adding insider information each year.

Sandra Phillips

On the fast track
Daniella's piece looks fantastic (July 2003). Thank you very, very much. Turns out you've chosen a perfect candidate for this month’s "15minutes." She just wrapped the leading lady role in Nickelback's new music video coming out worldwide late August and the publicity around the video is going to really fast-track her!

Holly Carinci

Guy’s Ahead of The Times
New York Times, Weekend Section, page 2, the "On Stage and Off" column [April 4, 2003]. Lead bit, "Premium is the Norm," is about the pricey Premium Seating (such as the $480 VIP seats for The Producers). But Guy Le Bow's Opinion column had a different side to this subject in 15MinutesMagazine in the March issue. Once again, we’re ahead of The Times!

Barbara Carlin
New York, NY

We Have The Best
I just wanted to send you a brief note and tell you what wonderful people both Sally and Ivor Davis are. You have two of the best working for you.

Brian Garrido
Burditch Marketing Communications
Los Angeles, Calif.

Hospital with a heart
I appreciate that you wrote about our hospital in your magazine. I really hope that we will be able to build the Emergency Department as the need is urgent and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. We all pray for peace and that we can live side by side with our neighbors. Again thank you for highlighting Shaare Zedek, the hospital with a heart.

Emunah Hasin
Director of External Affairs
Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Deauville is inviting
I should have mentioned that I did see the Deauville eau de parfum article [January 2003, Products]. Your style of writing is very inviting and personal.  Thank you for the feature.

Liz Malcolm
Michel Germain Parfums Ltd.

Travel with others
What a wonderful surprise to see my book, Travel with Others Without Wishing You'd Stayed Home, discussed in the book section of 15Minutes. Thank you so much for including it.  I'm totally delighted and appreciate the opportunity to introduce the book to your readers.

Nadine Nardi Davidson

First Contest Winner
Received my prize in the 15 Minutes contest from Black & Decker.  Very impressive new portable electric drill set.  Thank you.

Don Cosney
Salt Lake City, Utah

A real gentleman
I just wanted to let you know that Jules Peimer was gracious enough to devote a great deal of time to support my play, Who Killed Johnny Hansen? which ran Off-Off Broadway at the American Theatre of Actors in April. After attending the opening night party and the Jean Dalrymple awards ceremony at Sardi's, he ran a nice piece in your magazine [June 2002].  Jules is a real gentleman and a supporter of the theatre.  Give my regards to Jules the next time you see him!

Joe Krawczyk

Wilmington rules!
Thanks so much for the excellent article, which I'm calling to the attention of my colleagues at the Hotel du Pont, Hagley, Winterthur, Nemours and Longwood Gardens. Kudos to you! Lovely article! You did a great job and we appreciate your including us in 15Minutesmagazine.com
[Travel, April 2002]!

J. Harry Feldman
Director,  Media Relations
Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wish you were here
I finally had “15 minutes” to explore your Magazine!  It's fabulous! Being a New Yorker until a few years ago, you thrilled me with New York shtick and stuff, plus everything else that's delightfully fun.  I'm going to send it along to many other friends and family who will appreciate your site. As a writer, and currently launching the southeast chapter of International Food, Wine & Travel Writers, I wish I were back in NYC to participate with you somehow.  My dining, party, food and wine antennas are always working.

Leigh Cort
Leigh Cort Publicity
St. Augustine, Florida

Divine Coincidence
I read Ivor Davis' piece [The London Blitzkrieg, October 2001].  Interestingly, my father was killed by one of those bombs that rained down on London!

He was a Coldstream Guardsman, the English regiment that is the Sovereign’s personal guard.  They trooped the colors in 1939, and his was one of the first regiments sent into France in 1939.  He was later picked up on the beaches of Dunkirk, only to fall victim to one of the last bombs of the war. I was only 4 months so never had the pleasure of knowing him.

My grandparents' house was badly blitzed, and my mother once moved too slowly in a bombing raid.  The doctor told her she was very lucky to be alive, but alive she still is, Thank God.

Catherine Saxton
New York, NY

Fabulous Cafe
Next time I'm in South Carolina I'll be sure to visit the Collector's Cafe...and bring my checkbook. [Travel, August 2001] Sounds fabulous. I just learned of your webzine and wanted to send you a quick note.

Jody C. Diamond
Cheryl and Andrews Marketing

Sheraton Israel Fantastic
What a wonderful surprise! We are absolutely overjoyed by the fantastic spread you have given us this time in the new edition [July 2001] – the very best way to show people that Israel is still a great place to visit (especially if you stay at the Sheraton Moriah Hotels!).

Ariela Mader
Sheraton Moriah Hotels
Tel Aviv

Stimulating Conversation
Jules Peimer:
I must say that you helped not only to make [Gerry Cooney’s Celebrity Golf Outing in Atlantic City] a success, but you also helped my weekend more enjoyable. For this, I offer my sincerest, heartfelt thanks.

While all the celebrities and golfers enjoyed their golf games, I enjoyed an afternoon of fascinating and very stimulating conversation with you.

Many individuals travel to Atlantic City in hopes of gaining instant wealth. They hope to walk away a big winner.

I was fortunate enough to have acquired something more valuable than any gambler who lady luck visits at the game table.

I acquired knowledge, wisdom and inspiration, and I acquired this from you.

Roxanne Davis
Assistant to Executive Director
Fighters Institute for Support and Training

Friars Are Hot
Jeffrey Gurian:
Thank you very much for your wonderful coverage of The Friars Club on your web-site, Comedy Matters at 15minutesmagazine.com, and also congratulations for having Face to Face featured in the Taos, New Mexico Film Festival. Thanks to people like you The Friars Club remains in the limelight.

Jean-Pierre Trebot
Executive Director

Touching Story
The cover story on AOL’s Myer Berlow [Feb. 12, 2001]  was really quite touching.

Erin Siggard
Knight Ridder

Likes The Looks
It looks terrific. Lots of luck.

Ron Eliran

Aaron Harnick Fan Mail
Hello!  I was wondering if Aaron Harnick had an email address with you guys, where I could contact him.  He just gave me a lovely write-up for a show I just did [10 Stories Up], and I would love to thank him for his kind words.

Thank you!

Sheila O'Malley

You can reach Aaron Harnick at our Contact Us page.

Getting Acquainted
[Editor’s Note: In an email, the writer referred to Tim Boxer as editor of Cyberplan.]

I know you're the editor at 15 Minutes Magazine. I apologize. I had just gotten off the phone with Louis Belsky, editor of Cyberplan magazine. Cyberplan on the brain. Sorry about that. Of course I know you – you do Boxer Shorts, which are really funny.

Tia Martin

Good Stuff
I did have a chance to visit the magazine. Good stuff.

Michael Littenberg
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
New York NY

Check It Out
I checked out 15 Minutes Magazine – very nice. I like the concept, and the layout as well!

Stephanie Bennett
Internet Telecom Expo 2000
Javits Center, NYC

You’re Welcome
Great! It's a good story [July 24 front page].

Lisa Kahn
March of Dimes

Dyan Cannon Throws A Curve
Subj: Too Bad
Date: 6/30/00 10:02:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Ivor Davis

LIKE your pieces, but I saw you were taken in by Dyan Cannon. She is, as you probably know by know, practically the number one Hollywood poster girl for Christian evangelists. Been on everything from Pat Robertson to Benny Hinn. And she described that "God's Party" thing as a Christian study group to a Christian evangelist. Someone told me about her shortly before your article and I did a web search and was shocked. I was even more surprised when I saw your article in the LA Jewish Journal.  You obviously don't have to answer¾but out of curiosity¾do you think she tailored her answers to say just what she knew a Jewish publication was willing to hear?


And that ain’t bull
ARE the bull testicles, at $5, kosher bull testicles? I believe the true name is "Rocky Mountain Oysters."

Stanley Allan Sherman

EDITOR’S NOTE: The restaurant's kosher. Bull is a kosher animal. Thus testicles are kosher. But your tip is not – that's why it’s been clipped.

Lots of Comments
Thank you very much for the great article on the Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza. We have received lots of favorable comments, including congratulations from Starwood HQ at White Plains, NY – so obviously they are sitting up and taking notice.

Ariela Mader
Public Relations
Sheraton Moriah Hotels
Tel Aviv

An Outstanding Guy
Congratulations on your ‘zine and thanks for the highly professional way you have displayed my column. It augurs well for the future. I must say, the whole presentation is first class. Furthermore, I know now where I first met you. I often went to observe Earl Wilson when he broadcast from a restaurant, and as a friend I was dedicated to him at all times. When he penned his last book, I was doing a talk show in Philadelphia, and he came out to let me interview him. A wonderful evening.

Guy Lebow
New York NY

Podhoretz in Two Minutes
Many thanks for the clippings and the Internet reference about the Norman Podhoretz lunch.  You did a great job summarizing 50 minutes in less than 2.

Daniel Pipes
Middle East Forum

Wonderful Website

Congratulations and good luck on your new website. It's wonderful and I enjoyed seeing the article 'Charity in Fashion.' All the best.

Charlotte Fainblatt
Executive Director
American Committee for Shenkar College

You're Welcome
Jules Peimer

Thanks so much for the kind words on Mob & The Movies. Much appreciated!

Walter Ward
Director, Public Relations, TNT

Quest for Peace
Being a vice-chair of the concert at Lincoln Center to benefit the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies was a very thrilling and touching experience for me. I admired Mr. Rabin and his quest for peace. I also admire his wife Leah and her tireless efforts to make us all remember his worthy cause. Thank you Tim for participating and helping to bring the legacy to your readers.

Aya Azrielant
New York NY

You Didn’t Cover Me!
It was a nice presentation of Zamira’s event [Music, March 20] and I appreciate mentioning my name. Yet, you’d be doing justice have [sic] you mentioned that I’ve designed Zamira’s 2 CD covers and enclosed manuals (the same way you’ve mentioned in the article about Hanna Levy’s album, designed by her husband) rather than emphasizing an insignificant quoted phrase on my behalf.

Kanan Abramson
Art Director
The Jewish Post of New York

Well Documented, Well Written
For an interview (Oct. 11, 1999) that was conducted via cell phones, in an elementary school parking lot, lasting approximately five minutes, with a deadline fast approaching - this very spontaneous question-and-answer period was well documented and well written. Thank you for your interest and your kind words. My father, sister and I collectively enjoyed our 15 minutes of notoriety.

Kenny Karen
Lake Mahopac, NY

Very Impressive!
I had a chance to see your Website. Very impressive!

Michael Wildes
City Councilman
Englewood, NJ

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