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Kobo ArcLight And Sleek

OBO has given us prized eReaders in the past, and now the Toronto-based techies have upgraded the eReader with a 7-inch Android tablet they call Kobo Arc. Its exclusive new interface, called Tapestries, keeps track of everything you use and find interesting in customized groups. Pin your widgets and applications in folders, and Kobo will find additional movies, music and articles connected with those youíve already pinned to your Tapestries.

You can store 3,000 eBooks, which should keep you occupied for the rest of your life. There are 3 million for-pay e-books, and one million free eBooks. Whatís more, when you buy an eBook from Kobo, itís yours to read on any open device or eReader.

And you can choose from more than 700,000 apps with Google Play. The battery allows for 10 hours of reading; two weeks on standby. Instead of positioning the speakers on the bottom or back of the device, away from your ears, Koboís speakers face front

ARC eReader Tablet is sleek and beautiful to hold and enjoy. It comes with storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The 16GB reviewed here is priced at $199.99.

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iLuv CEO FolioiLuv Looking Good

OOK like a hotshot executive with the iLuv CEO Folio for your new iPad. It enhances your professional image in the boardroom when your case not only protects your iPad but also has pocket slots on the left side of case for business cards, credit cards, ID, and other boardroom essentials, as well as an ePen stylus holder and a large slot for an A5 note pad

Thereís a retractable kick stand on the outside of the case to prop the iPad upside for optical viewing of websites and presentations without craning your neck down.

This multipurpose portfolio case for the new iPad (it also fits the iPad 2) is $69.99 at http://iLuv.com.

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OlloclipiPhone Photography

 UNIQUE photo lens, Olloclip, that builds on the camera lens of the iPhone, will vastly enhance your photography skills. How? This little gadget is a handy camera accessory that converts your phone lens into wide-angle, fisheye and macro. On a trip you donít have to burden yourself with carrying both your iPhone and camera. Just bring your iPhone with the Olloclip and youíre good to go. This 3-in-1 photo lens is for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Olloclip comes with lens caps and a little bag that you can use as a cleaning cloth. $69.99 at http://olloclip.com. The Olloclip, for the iPhone 4/4S or the iPhone 5, is also available at http://magellans.com.

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Sun Protection WrapMagellan's

AGELLANíS continues to present us with fashionable wearables, practical baggage and must-have gadgetry that are essential for the comfort of every one who takes to the road (or even for the armchair traveler). Order these and countless other useful items at http://magellans.com.

The 30+ UPF Sun Protection Wrap will keep you safe from the sunís harmful rays. Before entering holy sites you can pull the shawl collar over your head and youíre home free. Available in Teal, White, Rose or Black. $85.

Poem Journal FlatsPut your feet in these Poem Journal Flats and youíll find them as graceful as ballet slippers. The rubberized bottom prevents slipping. Comes in colors black, pewter and red; sizes from 6 to 11. Priced at $80.




Beijing TopThe soft jersey knit Beijing Top is shaped with diagonal detailing that looks good everywhere, whether youíre on board or out sightseeing. Made with cotton/spandex by women in Thailand. Comes in Emerald, Plum and Black. $75.

Hookupz MonocularTo make your iPhone 5 more versatile for picture taking, get the Hookupz Monocular zoom lens. Weighing just 3 ounces, it can be used as a standalone 7 x 18 monocular. Attach it to your iPhone 5 and you can snap photos and make videos from a distance at concerts and other events. Focus down to 10 inches for wonderful close-ups.

Stainless Steel WalletThe Stainless Steel Wallet blocks illegal scanning of the RFID chips in your credit cards. Best protection wherever you are at any time. This attractive wallet is made from recycled stainless steel and silver ballistic nylon mesh. Needless to say, this wallet is more durable than your ordinary leather or vinyl variety. $74.50.

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KazumiDollz For Eco-Awareness

 LINE of trendsetting dolls will delight young girls and eco-conscious parents, and at the same time make them aware of their power to improve their environment and save the planet.

The Zeenie Dollz are 12-inch fashionistas, clothed in the latest in groundbreaking style. But they stand for much more. Each doll also brings to light an environmental cause that needs our attention.

Among the collection are Kazumi, Guardian of the Polar Regions and Defender against Global Warming, and Lina, Defender of the Rainforest and Defender against Deforestation. Other eco-warriors include Zennia, Mother Earth, the first edition in the series; Evee, Protector of the Skies and Defender against Pollution; Sini, Overseer of Farmland and Defender of Mistreated and Abused Animals; and Yana, Protector of the Oceans and Defender of Marine Conservation.

Zeenie Dollz are made of completely recyclable materials that are non-toxic. In addition to their sustainability, the Zeenie Dollz come with 12 ball joints offering much more flexibility and movement during play time. They retail for $39.99 at zeeniedollz.com.

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Kribbitt iPad and Tablet SupportCrib It With Kribbitt

HERE are many different tablet and iPad stands out there, all competing for your dollar. One cool number comes from Mill Bay, British Columbia, and is the invention of Paul Carmichael. He calls it the Kribbitt iPad and Tablet Support Stand. The Kribbitt helps you steady your tablet on your table, especially on unbalanced surfaces, and without scratching. Itís pliable enough to cradle your iPad securely with its latex-free rubber grip. No table? No problem. This support device will grip your leg when youíre sitting or lying down. It comes in five colors: blue, black, silver, pink and green, and fits all tablets 5.5 inches and up. I asked where Kribbitt originated. "Crib it," Carmichael explained. "Put your iPad/tablet in the crib where it is safe and secure." He added that he has several new products and accessories coming soon under the Kribbitt brand. Get your Kribbitt from the designer for $39.94 at http://kribbitt.com.

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Find Forgotten Items

E all have senior momentsóat least I do. Best way to track that misplaced set of keys or bag or DVR remote is to pair it with an iFi Smart Tag. Simply attach the Smart Tag to anything you donít want to lose and activate it with an Apple or Android app. If youíre within 30 feet of your lost object, the Smart Tag acts as a pager via Bluetooth to alert you on your smart phone. If youíre outside the 30-foot perimeter, iFi will sound an alarm. It will also email you via a Google map of the tagís last GPS location and time. Priced from $20 to $35. See more at http://iFiSystems.com.

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Warmanís Coins of the 1990sSave Money Here

armanís Coins of the 1990s
is an excellent way to save your coins throughout that decade.

The four-panel folder holds coins such as the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter, Kennedy half dollar, and in 1999 you have the distinctive state quarter and the Anthony dollar. Each panel includes historical facts and news of each year, which makes your collection that much more meaningful for you. Get a coin folder for any decade for $7.99 at http://www.shopnumismaster.com/warmans-coins-of-1990s-folder.

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