Diane Sawyer of ABC’s Good Morning
takes EL AL to Israel.

Summertime is magic at
Sheraton Moriah Hotels


SRAEL has its own magical kingdom (forget Florida – go to Israel) this summer. The eight hotels of the Sheraton Moriah chain have been turned into schools for magicians. Family vacationers are in for a bewitching experience with workshops, creative activities and the study of genuine magic.

Building on the worldwide interest that Harry Potter has stirred among children and adults alike in the magical world, the clever suits at Sheraton Moriah Israel have conjured a heady potion of entrancing delights.

From the moment you arrive at any of their hotels, you will become part of this spellbinding experience, supervised by one of the country’s leading magicians, Calistero.

Besides learning the art of magic, you will get a charming gift – a magic set and a book of instructions (so you don’t forget what you learned when you come home).

Sheraton Moriah Hotels:

Sheraton Moriah Tel Aviv
Sheraton City Tower (TA)
Sheraton Moriah Tiberias
Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza
Four Points Sheraton Jerusalem
Sheraton Moriah Dead Sea
Sheraton Moriah Eilat
Herods Complex, Eilat

At the conclusion of the spellbinding course, a gala ceremony will be held where each graduate of this school for magicians will be awarded an Authorized Magician’s Certificate.

And you get to show off your wizardly skills as you perform in your own spectacular magic show!

So hop on your flying carpet and take wing to Israel, the enchanted land where everyone can become a magician – thanks to Sheraton Moriah Hotels.

Nina says I’m a great magician. My specialty is the disappearing act, the kind that even David Copperfield can’t do. Wherever I travel, I make my money disappear.

Star Trek
’s William Shatner is
beamed to Israel via EL AL where
he led an ESPN and National
Geographic Magazine

Sheraton Israel is friendly
to your diet on vacation

EOPLE are going to Israel no matter what the volatile situation with the Palestinian neighbors. Life is normal, business continues, and the hotels, although not as crowded as it should be this summer season, are still welcoming tourists with splendid activities.

If you choose to stay at the Sheraton Moriah in Eilat, prepare to really be pampered. The chef offers you his gastronomic creations, as always, but no need to worry. You can watch your weight at the same time.

Eat lots and lose much. That’s the theme here. How is that possible? Easy.

The highly creative chef offers a menu calculated according to the Weight Watchers point system. So you can enjoy your vacation and eat everything without putting on extra pounds. Smart, right?

The unique Weight Watchers point system enables you to continue your weight loss during vacation. Or you can start your diet program at the hotel.

Rafi Carmon, general manager of Sheraton Moriah Eilat, is proud that his hotel is the first to have thought of its guests in this way.

If you join any of 200 Weight Watchers branches while in Israel, Carmon will give you a NIS 300 reduction of your hotel bill. In addition, two free weekends-for-two at the hotel will be raffled each week for the new members. You have a better chance than with Lotto!

Barbara Rush, who starred with
Rock Hudson in Magnificent
and Paul Newman in The
Young Philadelphians
, took an
Israel vacation on EL AL.

Bring body and soul
on vacation in Eilat

HILE you pamper you body with fine food – and stay slim at the same time! – at the Sheraton Moriah Eilat, you can also indulge the spirit. This hotel is the only one in the country that boasts a Mystic Center.

Some of the most well-known experts in the field are available for consultation, where both body and soul are treated. Consultations are available Tuesdays and Fridays. Each one lasts 30-45 minutes and costs NIS 100.

Among the experts are:

Meir Ben Shitrit: body, mind and soul healer through energy therapy.

Orit Levy: astrology, soul reaching, cards and numerology, energy therapy,  meditation.

Inbal: card reading and spiritual guidance.

Miriam Franco: coffee reading, palm reading, personal guidance.

Galila Edelstein: Master Reiki and Corona, trained therapist in BAT together with Vortex energy cards. (Don’t ask!)

Lior Shani: numerology lecturer, numerology map, aromatic and Tarot cards, face evaluation, palm reading.

Nilli Elimelech: Tarot cards, guidance on daily issues, Karma lessons, immediate energy healing.

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