Issue 26
July, 2001


The Main Event - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Abe Hirschfeld’s New Vision Takes Flight in Cyberspace
Abe Hirschfeld Inspires Rikers Island Inhabitants
IT’S ALL ABOUT PROPERTY - Abe Hirschfeld Accuses False Friends and Deceitful Lawyers for Downfall
MS. FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN - Gloria Steinem Awards Go to Troublemakers and Trailblazers
MUSEUM OF JEWISH HERITAGE - Rupert Murdoch Praises His PR Exec Howard Rubenstein
JEWISH NATIONAL FUND - Tony Randall Snubs Tony Awards
UJA-FEDERATION - Holocaust Survivors Honor a German!
Products - NORTON INTERNET SECURITY - Protect Yourself Against Bugs in Your Computer
Travel - Summertime is magic at Sheraton Moriah Hotels

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