Natalie Portman

Tony Randall Snubs Tony Awards

Story and Photos By Tim Boxer

HERE was a conflict of scheduling between Tony Awards and the Jewish National Fund – and JNF was the winner.

Tony Randall came to Manhattan’s Center for Jewish History on to emcee a JNF party honoring jeweler David Saity.

The actor was the only one in black tie. He explained that he planned to go to the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall later.

Tony Randall

“Judgment at Nuremberg,” which he produced together with philanthropist Earle Mack, was up for two categories: best featured actor in a play for Michael Hayden and best featured actress for Marthe Keller.

“We got only two nominations,” Randall said. “I was so angry that I decided not to attend the Tony Awards tonight. I’ll be here all evening.”

Singer Lenny Kravitz, actress Natalie Portman (who just returned from a two-day trip to Israel), comedian Mario Cantone of HBO’s Sex and the City and others were glad Randall stayed. He entertained with several amusing stories.

One concerned three men of the cloth on the golf course. They became angry as they watched two men ahead of them play excruciatingly slow.

They complained at the clubhouse where they were told that the two men were blind. The clergy were quite embarrassed.

Lenny Kravitz

The minister raised his hands: “Lord, forgive me for my murderous thoughts.”

The priest clasped his hands: “Forgive me, too, for I have sinned.”

The rabbi shrugged his shoulders: “Why couldn’t they play at night?”

Saity has been collecting jewelry from the Zuni, Hopi, Navajo and Santo Domingo tribes in the American Southwest, which he offers for sale at his Park Avenue store.

“I’ve been exploring American Indian culture for many years,” he said. “It resembles my own Jewish heritage. Both have been fascinated with nature and environment.”

Mario Cantone, a featured player on Sex and the City, revealed that he used to work for Saity in 1983 at Trump Tower.

Sex and the City’s Mario Cantone and
Lifestyles editor Jeanette Friedman.

“I was the worst salesman in the country,” he said. “But David was like a father to me.”

When his father died six years ago, Cantone told Saity, “You’ve moved into the No. 1 position.”

The comedian claims he overheard a lady ask Kravitz what he does.

“I’m a rapper.”

“Oh, do you work at Bloomingdale’s during Christmas?”

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