Abe Hirschfeld Inspires
Rikers Island Inhabitants

This essay was written in the spring by an inmate at New York City’s Rikers Island where Abe Hirschfeld was held for a short time before being transferred to the state’s Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY. Hirschfeld earned the respect and admiration of many of the inhabitants of the city’s detention center during his brief stay. We have essentially maintained the writer’s diction and expression to reflect the spirit and enthusiasm of his theme.


S truly without sense to endure any time in jail. But is really a nightmare when the reasons for been there are unjust. As Montesquieu wrote in 1742: “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.”

I read many reports and saw many of his works, but to finally meet Abe Hirschfeld is truly an honor.

He said some time ago, “This country is full of politicians. What is needed are builders.”

These are not the words of a man who has no value for life, freedom and the American way. Instead those are the words of a man who was destined to change New York City by giving a chance to its people to build this great city.

Yes, there has been many changes and many good people to make them. But not all changes were made with the utmost regards towards the lower and middle class citizens of New York.

Inspiration to all

N and out of jail, Mr. Abraham Hirschfeld has been an inspiration to us all.

He’s a man whose views of political changes has made him a target for our politicians and lawmakers, men of changes who in turn have become progress stoppers.

I am sure that you, as well as I, have lost count of the many “what ifs” regarding Abe, or Pops as he is so coolly called here in Rickers Island, N.I.C., and of the many lives that he touch with his work and witty charm.

Compassionate, intelligent, a peacemaker, a good listener and advisor, even a teacher to some.

“We got you, Abe” read a headline in a local newspaper. Well, no, by no means you have gotten Abe. Instead, we got him. To show us and share with us what he knows.

By perpetrating this tyranny against Abe, you – the lawmakers/politicians – have been exposed for what they really are. And no newspaper will cover what you have done.

Saying it like it is

ND if jailing was not enough, now they are after his money with this civil lawsuit. How low can you go!

Overall, Abraham Hirschfeld, millionaire, businessman, politician, entrepreneur, counselor, peacemaker, advocate, socialite, husband and grandfather, a hero, a convict and now a personal friend of mines.

A man with a lot to say about things – and people who don’t want it said.

The kind of man whose only fault is to say it like it is, and whose voice has been kept mute by the top dogs, violating each and every one of his constitutional rights.

And to think all this has been done in the name of justice!

Don’t think you have heard the last of him. The best is yet to come!

Judge Moscone in his office at
San Francisco’s Hall of Justice.

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