Rupert Murdoch and Howard Rubenstein

Rupert Murdoch Praises His
PR Exec Howard Rubenstein

Story and Photos By Tim Boxer

OWARD RUBENSTEIN, the quintessential PR professional, usually takes a back seat and lets his clients bask in the spotlight. But this was Howard’s time to shine as the Museum of Jewish Heritage-A Living Memorial to the Holocaust honored him at the Waldorf-Astoria, raising $1.2 million.

New York Post owner Rupert Murdoch was delighted “to play PR man for the ultimate PR man and to put in a rather uncomfortable position the man who has gotten me out of them for more than 25 years.”

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson

Calling Howard “Mr. New Yorker,” Sen. Charles Schumer noted that the publicist never raises his voice. “He stays one nice guy.”

More than 500 guests applauded in agreement, including museum president Alfred Gottschalk, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Also Mayor Rudy Giuliani who said, “I represent the two people in the city whom Howard does not represent.”

Museum chairman Robert Morgenthau talked about current efforts to expand the museum.

Real estate developer Larry Silverstein, who recently acquired the World Trade Center, biggest building in the city, told Morgenthau, “I’ll support you…as long as you keep it under 110 stories.”

Real estate tycoon Irving Schneider

City Council Speaker Peter Vallone revealed that during the Second World War his father refused to buy a certain property in the Catskills because it had a restrictive clause that prevented him from selling to Jews.

Murdoch recalled that his father “was disgusted with the British for bombing ships that were bringing Jewish refugees to Palestine.”

That’s why, he said, his global media company, from the beginning, “has been supportive of the Jewish national cause.”

New York District Attorney
Robert Morgenthau

His faith in the great potential of Israel, Murdoch said, is evidenced by NDS, his digital television technology company based in Jerusalem, which has grown from 20 to 600 employees in the last ten years.

“I have always believed in the future of Israel and the goals of the international Jewish community,” he said.

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