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OU don’t want to lose all that information and stuff you’ve been working on in your computer, do you? Of course not. So the best thing to do to prevent things from getting corrupted is to get AntiVirus protection. “AntiVirus is a very important component to have,” according to Anson Lee, product manager for Norton Internet Security.

Norton Internet Security 2001, Version 3.0, is the latest and the best of its kind.

“This is a very comprehensive security and privacy solution,” Lee tells me on the phone.

The package is sitting on my desk. Lee is encouraging me to go ahead and open it and inoculate my machine with protection.

The product, from Symantec, promises protection from viruses, hackers and privacy threats. Since I have cable broadband, I’m in need of such assurance against malicious intruders and suspicious content at all times.

“We definitely recommend you use AntiVirus protection,” Lee says. “Almost everyone is on the Internet and uses email. Viruses are spread easily and quickly by email. Any time you go into email and download an attachment, or open a document, our product will automatically scan that document or file to see if there are any viruses.”

Norton Internet Security includes three things: AntiVirus, Personal Firewall to defend against hackers, and Privacy Control to prevent Web servers from getting your email address or other personal information (such as credit card numbers) without your knowledge.

Hackers are different from viruses. Hackers try to get into your computer to steal your information, such as address, social security, credit card numbers.

“Firewall puts up a barrier so your computer will not respond to hackers’ probes,” Lee says.

You have to keep up to date, though. “You just click the live update button,” Lee says, “and it will automatically bring in any current updates. It can detect when you’re online so it will advise you when it’s time to update.”

With Norton Internet Security (suggested price $49.95), you don’t have to fear surfing the Internet and using email. 

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