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Tim Boxer Senior PET


Jonathan Boxer Junior PET

ePSON Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-OneEpsonís Wondrous Small-In-One

PSON Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-One
is the perfect compact printer made for the busy family and especially the creative individual who wants to produce truly stunning photos. Images are truly clear and sharp.

It is capable of printing wide-format up to 11" x 17" without taking up valuable space on your desk. It delivers your usual size 4" x 6" print in 10 seconds flat.

At home or on the go, you can use its wireless capabilities and Epson Connect for mobile printing and scanning from tablet, smartphone or computer from wherever you are on the planet.

Is your picture underexposed? Not worry. Simply apply Epsonís auto photo correction to correct the lighting. And it removes red eye with a magical touch. All with or without a computer.

It has a dedicated photo tray, and a rear paper feed for card stock and envelopes. Print the same photo or multiple photos on the same sheet. A unique fold-over scan lid holds photos and documents in place. Well worth the suggested price of $349.99 or order from Amazon.com for $259.99.


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Otterbox Defender SeriesProtect Your iPhone

ONíT fret if you accidentally drop your iPhone 4/4S. Chances are excellent that if your device is protected by the Otterbox Defender Series rugged case, youíre covered. That is, your device is covered with three layers of rugged protection for normal use and the occasional drop. Comes with a belt-clip holster.

The internal shell, made from high-impact polycarbonate, snaps into place covering your device. The integrated screen protector prevents scratches to the touch screen. The included lithium ion battery doubles the battery capacity of your phone.

The iON intelligence app keeps you informed of the remaining phone and case battery time. It predicts when your phone battery will run out. Thatís always good to know.

On sale for $49.95-$59.95 depending on options chosen at Otterbox.com.

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Otterbox Clearly Protected iPhone 5/5S screen protectorTyping In Private

EEP your iPhone protected with an Otterbox Clearly Protected iPhone 5/5S screen protector. Some folks donít like to put a case on their phone and never will, preferring to be "naked." Thatís why Otterbox developed the Clearly Protected line of iPhone 5/5S screen protectors. The Cleary Protected screen protector for the iPhone 5/5S uses a 100% dry application, features a bubble-free installation for a perfect fit, and is scratch resistant. It keeps the screen private from any angle, so other people around you canít see what youíre typing. Keep snoops at bay. Otterbox threw in a lifetime warranty. $24.95 at Otterbox.com.

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Olloclip Telephoto Lens iPhone Mobile Studio

INCE our review of the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens system (archives/issue_109/products-109.htm) we have seen more products from the company that strives to give you "the ability to use the iPhone to capture and share what was previously impossible."

Those geniuses have come forth with another lens system that fits in the palm of your hand. Itís the Olloclip Telephoto Lens for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation.

With a 2X optical magnification, you get twice as close to your subject. It comes in a precision-ground glass and aluminum body.

In addition you get a circular polarizing lens (CPL) to capture amazing colors while reducing glare and reflections, allowing for more professional results. The CPL can also be used with the fisheye lens in the 3-in-1system.

The telephoto lens costs $99.99 at https://www.olloclip.com/order/.

Olloclip Quick-Flip Case turns your iPhone into a virtual mobile photo studio. This is designed for anyone who wants to keep the iPhone protected in a hard case while using the 3-in-1 lens for shooting videos and photos, said Olloclip CEO/founder Patrick OíNeill.

A corner of the Quick-Flip Case turns up to allow you to mount an Olloclip lens. This rotating corner serves as a shutter release that presses the volume up (+) button the iPhone to capture a shot. Included is a Pro-Photo Adaptor that has two standard tripod mounts and a cold shoe to attach video lights or microphones. Price $49.99.

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Hands-Free Talking

OU are four times more likely to get into an accident using your phone while driving, and 23 times more likely while texting and driving. In 2012 California Highway Patrol issued 425,041 tickets for talking on handheld phones while driving.

Mobio GripLetís face it. Drivers still phone and text in the car. Itís what you do if you have a mobile device. So protect yourself with Mobio Go. Itís a low-profile car mount for your phone or tablet. Itís always in position to talk hands free, make and take a call, read a map or stream music. So why hold a phoneóand risk the wrath of a state trooper or (gulp) the angel of deathówhen you can have Mobio Go in your car.

There is also Mobio Grip, with magnetic technology, to enable you to hold your device in one hand while tapping or scrolling with the other, or sipping a latte. Very convenient. Mobio Go is $34.95 at hellomobio.com.

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Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging

OWERMAT was the first company to popularize the idea of charging mobile devices through inductive, or wireless, charging. Being familiar with Powermat, the Duracell Powermat
24-Hour Power System
didnít prove to be too much of a shocker. That's because it isn't a huge leap forward in terms of functionality or overall design. Just like the Powermat products before it, this one primarily consists of a flat and compact rectangular charging pad with smoothly curved corners.

The new gadget promises to provide just what its name suggests. The first Powermat product under the venerable Duracell brand, the 24-Hour Power System indeed serves up wireless charging plus a backup battery to keep phones from dying when you're out on the town.

Place a Powermat-equipped phone on the mat and youíll feel a strong magnetic tug that's hard to ignore. This pull guides you down to connect the device with the mat with a solid thunk. Nice. $99.99.

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xPrintXServerEasy Printing

EREíS a simple way to make prints from any iOS device such as your iPad or iPhone. Just attach the xPrintXServer to any USB or network printer, power up the unit and youíre good to go.

No need to email yourself a document, or install software or print through apps. The Lantronix Home Edition xPrintXServer effortlessly detects the printer you already have. This really is a must-have. Price $99.95 at http://xprintserver.lantronix.com/home-edition/.

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Whirl Ďn Wear Headbands Spin Ďn StyleSpinning Headbands

ITTLE girls love to decorate their own headbands with the Whirl Ďn Wear Headbands Spin Ďn Style. The package includes a styling machine, 8 stickers, 3 headbands, 6 end caps, 10 decorations and 10 clips. Loads of fun for girls 5 and over as they create stylish clip-on decorations and add glam to their hair styles.

Load the sticker cartridge and insert into the styling machine, then insert the headband and spin to sticker. Decorate with clip-on decorations. Become the envy of your crowd! Available for $24.99 on the International Playthings website.

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