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Only the Best Earn the PET Seal of Approval from
The 15 Minutes Products Evaluation Team (PET)

Tim Boxer
Senior PET

Johnathan Boxer
Junior PET

[ Pentax Optio Z10 ] [ Dragon Naturally Speaking ] [ Magellanís ]
[ The Best of Toy Fair: Haba Carpet, Aeromax Jr. Flight Suit, Adventure Play Set, Morning Star Games and Out of the Box ]

Great Líil Shooter

HE Pentax Optio Z10 is great for several reasons. For one, it has one less button to divert your attention Ė they did away with the traditional off/on button. This digital compact camera is designed with a sliding lens cover that not only protects the lens but also operates the off/on setting. That is smart!

Another good feature, besides its 8 megapixels, is the 7X internal optical zoom lens, good enough to focus on your subjectís eyeballs. And with its refraction lens system, the lens never sticks its neck out like a turtle when youíre zooming. That is nice!

Face Recognition gives you better portraits and Shake Reduction lets you to shoot in low light.

Available at Wal-Mart for $249.95. pentaxinfo@pentax.com.


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Speak To Me

OU can actually speak to your computer, and it will do your bidding. You can create documents and send emails by voice. To do that you need to get Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 9.0.

It works on all Windows-based applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, WordPerfect and Lotus Notes.

Since you speak faster than you type, youíll find that you can create letters, documents and emails much much faster. Follow the on-screen tutorials to get started, and use the enclosed microphone for nois cancelling convenience. $199.99. www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking.


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Magellanís Travel Gear

AGELLANíS offers wonderful travel clothes. For men they offer Travel-Smart Slacks, ultra-soft and wrinkle-free. Wear it with a casual shirt as you sight-see on the street, or throw a blazer over your shoulders for dining in a fancy eatery. These brushed cotton classic pants, either with flat front or with double-pleated front and cuffs, come with a concealed stretch waistband that will keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable. There are five pockets, including a hidden security pocket. MP5532, $69.50, at www.magellans.com.

For the traveling women there are many items to choose from Magellanís latest catalog. For instance, Unstructured Walking Shoes are lightweight wonders by Clarks. The unstructured design affords superb flexibility as youíre touring foreign sites, whiule keeping your feet cool and dry. Theyíre styled with leather uppers and nubuck accents, and lined with lambskin. SS851, $120.

Then there are Theta Sandals by Clarks. Sheíll love these open and airy sandals with a 2Ĺ inch heels. Lightweight and flexible with soft polyfoam insole. You can adjust your fit with the double hook-and-loop straps. SS775, $89.50.

Wonderwire Bra from Glamorise has a hidden band whose wire never touches your body. The firm tricot cups ensure great support and the cushioned straps give all-day comfort for the lady traveler. MU 9195, $39.

Pima T-Shirt is a Magellanís exclusive. It stays soft and silky after every wash. Pima is stronger than regular cotton, and wrinkle-free. Available as short sleeve, MS782, $29.50, and three-quarter sleeve, MS788, $39.50.


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The Best Of Toy Fair

Summer Butterfly Carpet from Haba is a beautifully designed soft carpet for your childís room. Now your kid can roll around on the floor while playing, watching the tube or reading Ėwithout ending up looking like a dust ball. Itís made of Japanese acrylic yarn with textile backing. Measures nearly 5 feet by 5 feet; $170. www.haba.de.

Jr. Flight Suit is one great outfit in an extensive array of real adult gear for kids. The Aeromax catalog is full of costumes and uniforms to turn kids into a physician, magician, explorer or astronaut. Equipped with Velcro buttons, front flap pocket, rear seat pocket, elastic waist and ankle bands, plus an embroidered NASA cap. The astronaut Jr. Flight Suit is $37.95 at www.aeromaxtoys.com.

Adventure Play Set from Schylling is sure to bring loads of fun for children ages 3 and up. The two colorful tents come with a sturdy polyester tunnel to connect them. Pop them up in seconds and hold them down with the pegs. Pop them down quickly and store them in a "Go Anywhere Bag." Suitable for indoor and outdoor activity. Product No.3036, priced at $59.99, available at www.thepopupco.com.

Morning Star Games, an innovative producer of amusing games in Santa Monica, California, has come up with several items that will keep you engaged in hilarious situations. JabberJot, priced at $29.99, is "a wacky word game" that has players run wild with imagination as they race to create a story using three pictures and three words. Try it, and youíll LOL at the outrageous tales youíre bound to hear. Company founder Allen Wolf came up with a terrific ice breaker, Youíre Pulling My Leg, $19.99, as a gift for two friends to help them get to know each other. The game was a success Ė the friends got married. See what it can do for you. Itís a story telling game where the roll of the dice prompts you to tell a true story or a lie. Your opponents have to spot the fibs. Just like in real life. In Pet Detectives you match Lost pet Cards with Found Pet Cards to earn reward money. Whoever finds the most pets wins. Available in a box at $14.99 or a tin at $18.99. Order at www.MorningStarGames.com.

Two new games from Out of the Box promise to keep youngsters (arenít we all?) busy with anticipation. ZenBenders is a type of puzzle that comes in four flavors: Dachsund, Quilts, Race Track and Dragons. Each unique puzzle contains 36 challenge cards. You flip and slide the ZenBender dice to recreate the pattern on the card. With Rock you use the traditional rules of rock, paper, scissors to flip over cards and race to name the winning card. Games are $9.99 each at www.otb-games.com.

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