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Only the Best Earn the PET Seal of Approval from
The 15 Minutes Products Evaluation Team (PET)

Tim Boxer
Senior PET

Johnathan Boxer
Junior PET

[ HP Photosmart 742 ] [ Norton Internet Security, Norton SystemWorks ]
[ Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand, Logitech Kinetik Backpack ] [ mStation Orb ] [ Cruzer Contour ]
[ Neat Receipts ] [ Learning Tower ] [ Adora Dolls ]

Pack It In Your Camera Bag

HE HP line of Photosmart point-and-shoot cameras is so good that I am using one not only as a backup with my DSLR, but also as a primary unit. The HP Photosmart R742 with 7 MP and a 3X optimal zoom is an especially essential tool in my camera bag.

This most stylish compact camera has a sturdy all-metal body and a bright 2.5 inch LCD screen. I found the in-camera red eye removal and anti-shake mode immensely useful. I really liked the way the photos come up in review, and the smart movement it takes when I delete.

The R742 comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. It has an internal 32MB internal memory, but you’d better buy an SD card at the same time to hold all your pictures as you shoot. Priced less than $150 at www.hp.com.


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Keep Computer Safe & Sound

YMANTEC produces the best computer and software protection services in the world. Their annual upgrades are essential to maintain your computer security. And their excellent tech support is unmatched in the industry. I called for help. I’m a klutz, what can I tell you? A friendly Symantec expert sat with me – by phone – the entire day to get me rolling. Wait, there’s more. He called back after the weekend to see if I had any other issues. No problem, I told him – Norton’s working like a gem.

Norton Internet Security 2008 includes a Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response technology (SONAR) that runs a scan every time you communicate over the Internet in order to protect your identity information by blocking spyware, viruses, worms and crimeware. This comprehensive suite also includes the trustworthy antispyware, antivirus, antiphishing, rootkit detection and remediation, vulnerability protection, and firewall technologies. $69.99 at www.symantecstore.com.

You need Norton SystemWorks Premier to keep your computer in top flight condition. This suite includes Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities (to fix computer problems), Norton Save & Restore (to recover from a system crash), System Optimizer (to keep others from changing your settings), Performance Test, and One Button Checkup. I’ve scheduled these tasks to run weekly. $99.99 at www.symantecstore.com.


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Head High, Back Straight

OU needn’t lower your head to watch the low-lying screen as you type on your notebook. With the Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand you can keep your head high and your neck up while you work, and avoid neck strain.

This is essential if you’re using your notebook in place of the traditional desktop PC.

The notebook display riser elevates the monitor to the optimal viewing level. The full-size cordless keyboard with padded palm rest has hot keys to quickly access frequently used applications. Three USB ports lets you connect favorite peripherals such as a cordless mouse or webcam.

Keep your back straight as you carry your notebook in the stylish Logitech Kinetik 15.4 Backpack. The contoured back panel conforms to your back for maximum comfort during transit. Inside the bag you have pockets to organize your devices and other equipment. It’s built to last. It’s the best in store.

Both items are $99.99 each at www.logitech.com.


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Station 2.1 Stereo Orb is a sleek and stylish addition for your entertainment pleasure. This "made for iPod desktop docking station/speaker system comes with an inline jack that connects all MP3 players and portable CD players. You can also use it to replace your computer speakers. The 10-key remote lets you navigate within playlists from a distance. It comes in seven different colors including red, blue and green. mStation looks great; you’ll be proud to place it in any part of the house. $129.95 at www.mophie.com.



Cruzer Contour is an attractively designed USB flash drive with a glossy black top and silver metallic body. With two flicks of the thumb, its innovative design allows you to use your thumb to slide the connector out and then retract into the body. No more lost caps! For safekeeping store Cruzer in its own black leather case. Pre-installed software includes two Big Fish titles: Sudoku and Mahjong Towers Eternity. The 4GB model is $99.99; the 8GB is $189.99. See more at www.sandisk.com.

Neat Receipts will organize your desk at home or office by managing your paperwork. It will scan receipts, business cards and documents. Your digitally scanned receipts are ready for your expense reports, and acceptable for tax purposes. Create a document database for important papers. When you need to find a document or business card or anything you’ve scanned, you search with keywords that are in the text. This is an essential tool for anyone who keeps paper documents. $229.95 at www.NeatReceipts.com.


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The Best of Toy Fair

HE Learning Tower is an innovative stepstool, the brainchild of Carol Gamble of Little Partners in Shreveport, La. It keeps your toddler safe and sound as she or he helps you in the kitchen. The 2-year-old can keep her balance as she helps mommy prepare meals. The Learning Tower is adjustable. The platform can be moved up or down, according to the little one’s height. $169.95.

Add a Playhouse Kit accessory ($32.95) and you can turn the Learning Tower step-up into a magical fun playhouse. It converts easily into a puppet theater, desk or fort for lots of fun outside the kitchen. Whatever the child wants. In recommend you get both units at the special combo price of $189.95. See more at www.littlepartners.com.

DORA DOLLS are remarkably lifelike. It’s amazing how these vinyl play dolls are crafted. Your little girl will adore these exquisite collectible companions. Every year the company, based in Edison, N.J., debuts a new Limited Edition Collection that has consistently earned prestigious awards from the industry. Emma (photo), from the 2005 collection, is adorned in a pink cotton dress decorated with spring flowers, a smocked bodice and petal edged collar. Her ash blond hair is braided in two pigtails, held in place with matching satin ribbons. Standing at 25 inches tall, Emma is simply adorable. $170. See the new collections at www.adoradoll.com.

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