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Tim Boxer
Senior PET

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Junior PET

[ Samsung L77 Digital Camera ] [ Logitech Premium Notebook Headset ] [ Logitech Notebook Mouse ]
[ iPort FS ] [ Franklin Talking Childrenís Dictionary ] [ Comfy Easy PC ] [ Magellanís Travel Necessities ]

Worldís Slimmest Camera

ILLED as the slimmest 7 megapixel and 7x optical zoom digital still camera in the world, the Samsung L77 is a beauty. The elegant metal body is so small you leave it in your pocket permanently. (Just donít forget to take it out before going to the cleaners.)

This is a camera for all time. Youíll always be prepared when you see that perfect picture looming ahead. You wouldnít want to miss a shot that can never come again. (I know the feeling.)

So well how does it handle? Seamlessly. It gives you gorgeous pictures. With an ISO up to 1600, youíll be ready for any lighting situation and fast action.

The Advanced Shake Reduction system minimizes shakiness and stabilizes performance.

You can even edit your images right in the camera. With built-in editing capabilities, the L77 helps you to trim, resize, or add effects to your photos and video clips while on location, without waiting to get back to your computer. MSRP $399.99.


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Best Headset For The Price

ERE is one headset that fits snugly in your ear. It is the Logitech Premium Notebook Headset. The noise canceling microphone is adjustable. It comes with digital USB or analog connections.

Made for your notebook, this headset is perfect for playing PC games, chatting on the Internet, watching movies, and listening to music.

Comes with a user guide and a two-year warranty. When youíre on the move just fold the headset into its travel case and youíre good to go. You canít go wrong at $59.99.


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Ultra-Portable Notebook Mouse

OGITECHíS VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks comes with whatís billed as the worldís smallest USB receiver. Just plug it into your USB port and forget about it ó until you replace the two AAA batteries six months. Use the on/off switch and your battery lasts longer than that.

The mouse is so portable that it slips into your laptop bag with its own stylish pouch. The soft rubber grips make holding it so comfortable. The scroll wheel allows you to swoop down long documents with ease.

Itís much better than an ordinary optical mouse. With dedicated buttons, you can navigate the Internet forward and backward. Use the included software to customize the mouse with five programmable buttons. $69.99 at www.logitech.com.


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iPod All Over The House

HARING your iPod music, videos and photos anywhere in your home is made simple with the new iPort FS. These five Free Standing models are compatible with all iPods with a dock connector. They connect to your computer and any home entertainment system.

You can connect to your iTunes and transfer music and videos to your iPod.

Once connected to the home system, the FS-1 ($100) is immediately available for playback. The FS-2 model ($150) adds integrated IR remote control and pushbuttons for different tracks. The FS-3 ($500) has an upgraded connection box. The FS-4 ($700) enables integration with a vast array of media-system controllers including touch screen that display song title, track and artist. FS-5 ($1000) adds balanced video over runs up to 250 feet. See more at www.iportmusic.com.


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Dictionary Talks Up

EARED for children ages 6 to 10, the Talking Childrenís Dictionary from Franklin Electronic Publishers will undoubtedly improve the reading and writing skills of these young students.

This interactive speaking dictionary transmits definitions that are easy to pronounce and quick to learn. With phonetic spell correction, enter a word the way it sounds and get the correct spelling.

Features include 44,000 elementary word definitions, personal vocabulary word list, rhyme finder, five word-building games, and volume control. Headphones are sold separately. Price $49.95.


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PC Just For Tots

OU donít have to fear for breakage when your tot hammers away on this keyboard. Comfy Easy PC NG is so rugged that it can withstand all the pounding that children ages 1 to 5 can deliver on the large sturdy buttons.

Attach the Comfy keyboard to your home PC, run the software and your toddlerís ready to learn through play. The Comfy Easy PC NG (Next Generation) invites little ones to join in the multimedia fun. And you donít need your computer keyboard and mouse.

Every colorful key the child touches affects what they see on the screen. There are character, color, musical and weather/time keys. For instance, hit one of the musical keys Ė drum or trumpet Ė and youíll enjoy a solo concert.

The software programs are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The keyboard package contains a CD called, First Steps, for beginners in the 1-3 age group. As the child progresses to intermediate and advanced, you can purchase additional appropriate programs. For ages 3-5 there are more challenging programs, also at different levels.

Itís a wonderful fun product distributed by Imaginative Minds. Priced $49.99 at www.comfyland.com.


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Travel Easy With Magellanís

OU canít leave home without these travel necessities from Magellanís. See more at www.magellans.com.

Dual-Access Rolling Computer Case, Designed by U.S. Luggage, boasts a dedicated pocket to hold your notebook. You donít have to unzip the whole case to get to your notebook. You slip out your notebook while the case lays on the floor under the seat in front of you. Quite a handsome looking case! $139.

Pack-It Liquid/Gel Set contains four lightweight plastic bottles to keep your liquids and gels within government requirements for your carry-on. Each bottle holds the maximum three ounces in compliance with Transportation Security Administration regulations. Includes ID labels and a zip-top pouch. $14.85.

Nightgown is made of a polyester/cotton blend that dries quickly, allowing you to wash it in the morning and wear it by bedtime. The anti-bacterial finish neutralizes odor and never washes out. The long-sleeve 48-inch nightgown, $69. The short-sleeve top with pants, $75.

Magic Lift Sport Bra provides support without wires ó so you donít set off those bells and whistles at security checkpoints causing TCA agents to spring to action with their handheld metal detectors. The two-way stretch of the back is designed to move with you. $39.

Clarkís Walking Sandal has a slip-resistant rubber outsole that offers stability and traction. The two-strap adjustable closure provides a custom fit. $69.50.

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