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Front Page

Mitch Winehouse and Tony Bennett
Mitch Winehouse and Tony Bennett
Mitch and Janis Winehouse
Mitch and Janis Winehouse
Mitch has Amy on his back
Mitch has Amy on his back
Becka, UK singer
Becka, UK singer
Daley, UK singer
Daley, UK singer

Patricia Duff, founder of The Common Good

Dominick Farinacci plays A Song for You
Dominick Farinacci plays A Song for You

Kiera Chaplin, AWF world ambassador
Kiera Chaplin, AWF world ambassador
Harry Belafonte Joins Tony Bennett
To Burnish Amy Winehouse Legacy

reveled in a bit of history at the Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards in March in the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf-Astoria.

"This hotel," he said, "is a racist piece of history."

The King of Calypso told how he was hired in the 1950s by the Waldorf events organizer Claude Philippe, "a wonderful French Jew," who was trying to desegregate the world’s most famous hotel.

"When the hotel board of directors realized that Belafonte wasn’t some Frenchman on the loose in the tradition of Maurice Chevalier, they went ape shit.

"They rushed to cancel my booking, but agent Lew Wasserman wouldn’t let them. They tried to fire Claude Philippe but he had an ironclad contract. So they put me in the Starlight Roof (18 floors up) to avoid racial contamination in the lobby’s Empire Room."

Belafonte encouraged all his friends in Manhattan’s Harlem and Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant to come see him at the hotel. "It was a sea of black folk."

"Now I have the right to stay in any Hilton in the world for free," Belafonte said with a wide smile, "as long as I keep my mouth shut and not tell the story."

And here he was, a half century later at age 86, back in the Starlight Roof, this time to introduce Tony Bennett, also 86, to receive a lifetime achievement award at the first annual Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards. As Bennett made his way to the stage Belafonte’s cane dropped to the floor with a thud. "There goes my teeth," Belafonte quipped.

"Amy’s dream was to become famous and a beautiful singer," Bennett said. "Even though she had a short life, she had a great life. She prayed for success and it happened."

Winehouse earned five Grammy Awards for Back to Black. She and Bennett won a Grammy Award last year for their duet Body & Soul.

Winehouse, who struggled for years with drug and alcohol addiction, died on July 23, 2011, of accidental alcohol poisoning. She was 27 years old. Her parents, Mitch and Janis, established the foundation in her memory to aid young people in similar circumstances. They hope to establish a drug rehab center for addicted youths.

Dancer Loreen Arbus read a letter from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg praising the foundation’s mission.

"Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg for that very nice message," Mitch said. "It would be better if he had sent $10 million."

Society columnist Catherine Saxton, key to the success of the gala, received plaudits for her organizational skills. "Catherine did a wonderful job," Mitch said. "She is such a force in this world," Arbus added.

Oscar/Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson belted songs like And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going and The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. For his part, Bennett offered classics like Watch What Happens and Maybe This Time. Needless to say, the ballroom shook with standing ovations.

Next up for Bennett will be to record a duet with pop diva Lady Gaga, 26, for a big swing album.

SaLaAm ReMi, executive vice president of A&R and production at Sony Music Entertainment
SaLaAm ReMi, executive vice president of A&R and production at Sony Music Entertainment

Miss Universe 2012 (Olivia Culpo), left, and Miss USA 2012 (Nana Meriwether)
Miss Universe 2012 (Olivia Culpo), left, and Miss USA 2012 (Nana Meriwether)


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