Issue 34
March, 2002


The Main Event - Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
FASHION WEEK - Jane Seymour’s Passion Gives Way to Fashion
GRANITA - Stars Come Out to Celebrate Wolfgang Puck in Malibu
WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY - Guests Glitter at Tiffany Party For Wildlife Conservation
AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY - The Day Felix Rohatyn Saved NYC in a Saloon
UJA-FEDERATION - Actor Reveals Secret Of Friendship on Bway
BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY - Anne Lehmann’s Tribute To A Son
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM - 'When I Grow Up I Want To Be King!’
ISRAEL BONDS - When He Speaks You May Shoot But Don’t Interrupt
Products - Minox, Bacardi O,, Xbox games, Norton AntiVirus & Norton Internet Security
Travel - Malaysia Entices American Tourists

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