Gideon Patt (from left), Israel Bonds president,
and Miles Lehrman, honorary chairman of the
National Holocaust Museum, present “Crying
Violin” award to Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, as
dinner chairman David Halpern stands by.

When He Speaks You May
Shoot But Don’t Interrupt

By Tim Boxer

R. ALFRED GOTTSCHALK, former head of Hebrew Union College, addressed the 17th Annual State of Israel Bonds Elie Wiesel Holocaust Remembrance Award Dinner in New York when he was interrupted by the arrival of Sen. Charles Schumer.

That reminded him of the time Stephen Wise spoke at a Brooklyn high school, where he was informed that an attempt would be made on his life by the German American Bund.

“If the assassin is here,” Wise announced, “let him shoot now, for I would hate to be interrupted in the middle of a speech.”

By the way, Israel Bonds president and CEO Gideon Patt isn’t worried – he provides intense security at his functions.

Declaring that we have no choice but to take military action against terrorism, Schumer predicted that Iran’s mullah administration will fall, Syria will give up its support of Hezbollah, and “the Saudis will give up its duplicity in supporting the terrorists.”

Gideon Patt presented the “Crying Violin” award to Dr. Gottschalk.

At my table, Elizabeth Stein, a certified midwife, told me about attending to a woman at New York University Medical Center. She was not due for another week, but to avoid complications, Stein called the husband and had the woman admitted on Sept. 11.

During the birth, the husband glanced at the television and saw the World Trade Center on fire.

“That’s where I work!” he shouted.

“You saved my life,” he said to Stein. “If you hadn’t admitted my wife today, I would have been in my office.”

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