EL AL’s Boeing 747-400 arrives at
Kennedy Airport.

EL AL May Team with Boeing
To Make Friendly Skies Safer

By Tim Boxer

HE airline industry has officially recognized what the entire world has known for half a century: EL AL maintains the most superior level of security comfort of any airline.

So Boeing is in talks with the Israeli airline to create a joint venture company to supply world-class security services to airlines airports, governments and other organizations around the globe.

The purpose of the joint venture would be to serve as a world leader in all areas of security services, including technology and product development, systems and procedure design as well as personnel training.

EL AL chairman Michael Levi first raised the idea with senior members of Boeing management following 9/11.

“EL AL has over 30 years of experience in the area of security,” he said. “We believe in the prospect of benefiting companies and consumers around the world. We look at Boeing as a strategic partner most suited for such a joint venture.”

For his part, Boreing president/ceo Alan Mulally welcomed the possibility of teaming up with EL AL in such a venture.

“There is no more important job for the aviation industry today than to make sure that all aspects of air transportation are as safe and secure as possible,” Mulally said.

“El Al’s indisputable leadership in security, combined with Boeing’s resources and intellectual capital that we possess about all aspects of the air transport system could create a formidable source of knowledge for the entire industry.”

The two companies are studying how the joint venture will work, including each company’s contributions in capital, personnel, intellectual property and other assets, possible facilities or locations, and business plans and financial strategies.

The world could only become a safer place for travelers if this master plan is put into operation. After all, when mighty Boeing combines with EL AL’s superior sense of security, the result can only benefit mankind as never before. The skies will be a safer place for the world traveler.

El AL’s Boeing 777 takes off from
Ben-Gurion Airport.

EL AL Gets Newest
Boeing Super Jets

AVING already spent $400 million for three long-range Boeing 777 aircraft, EL AL Israel Airlines is so please with their performance that it will now take possession of a fourth super plane.

The world’s largest twinjet aircraft, the 777 is Boeing’s newest number. In size it is between the 767 and the 747. Advanced twin Rolls Royce engines power the plane.

Carrying a total of 298 passengers, the new 777 boasts wide, spacious cabins, ultra-comfortable seats, fully digital electronic entertainment with larger screens, as well as provisions for personal computers and interactive features. Sounds like your office in the sky!

EL AL’s King David Lounge at
Kennedy Airport is best place to
wait for your flight.

Every First and Business Class seat is equipped with a computer modem, allowing passengers to easily connect their laptops. First class seats are full bed sleeperettes with a curtain for privacy. Business Class has more supportive reclining seats, and Coach seats are wider with individual foot rests.

EL AL president David Hermesh noted that the new planes are “equipped with the most advanced technology and meet the highest standard of comfort and service.”

EL AL. It’s not just an airline. It’s Israel.

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