Issue 62
October 2004

Front Page - HEBREW UNIVERSITY - Dinner For Daniel But Not For The Lion
VIRGIN - Film Finally Opens Up After Touring Festivals
CUBA - Itís Greenwich Village For A Taste of Havana
SAUL CHASE - Reclusive Artist Emerges For First Show In 20 Years
US OPEN 2004 - Itís The Highest Purse In The Sports World
THE ISRAEL PROJECT - Haifaís Bomb Victim Surfing To Heaven
Products - Leica Digilux 2, Saitek Chess Computers, Magellanís Travel Tools,  DVD Xpress, Wild Planetís Spy Gear, and Xbox: Fable
Society - Holly Kristen, COTY, and Elizabeth Smart
Leica Goes To A Party - HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE - They Boogie In Bedouin Tent To Aid Childrenís Education
Travel - Jewish Community Reborn In The Reich


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