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Saul Chase with Harry and
Maya Stendhal

Reclusive Artist Emerges
For First Show In 20 Years

By Edward T. Callaghan

AUL CHASE known primarily for his hard edge cityscapes reemerged on the art scene with a spectacular show in Manhattan. Art dealers Maya and Harry Stendhal scored a major coupe in debuting Chase’s first collection in over two decades.

The latest group of paintings and compositions represent a significant thematic and stylistic departure from his earlier works, which are in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Joseph Hirschorn Collection and Atlanta’s High Museum of Art.

This new collection, broken down to two parts, are softer more sensual works. “American Light” landscaped-derived images painted on wood panels have a fresco-like quality. With “The Beautiful Hours” he features small, lush paintings in icon form of nature scenes.

The famously reclusive Chase made a rare public appearance at the opening of his new works at the Maya Stendhal Gallery in Chelsea. Fans and collectors turned out in droves to meet one of the country’s most famous but elusive artists.

On hand to toast the artist and the Stendhals were Marteen Barr, Michael Brockman, Frederick Lembeck, John Wegorzewski, Sharon Rosenberg, George Martel, and Marilyn Silver, Richard Wolf (owner of Tao) and Robert Miller (Ch. 13).

Main Events

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