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Reviews by Tim Boxer

Nikon Coolpix 2000
Magellan’s Travel Essentials
Targus Reader/Writer
Targus Camera Case
Arize Electronic Toaster
Black & Decker Typhoon Fan
Black & Decker Prestige Premium Iron

Thank Nikon for Continuing
To Provide Paper Manuals

IKON has a digital camera that’s perfect for the novice shutterbug. The Coolpix 2000 does everything for you but pour your breakfast cereal. At a suggested price of $249.95, this little shooter, weighing in at 6.7 ounces, produces outstanding images, which is what you’d expect from Nikon.

Rated at 2.0 effective megapixels, the camera is designed for ease of use. There is no viewfinder, so you use the LCD monitor to compose your picture.

It comes with Type 1 CompactFlash 8x Card to start you off. Also included are four AA batteries, strap, video and USB cables, and a Nikon View CD-ROM. Another CD-ROM walks you through the process of becoming adept at using the Coolpix 2000. Now that’s cool.

Not only do you get a reference manual on a CD-ROM, but also a poster-type Quick Star Guide plus a handy printed booklet to help you with the Coolpix 2000.

I’m grateful that Nikon continues to provide printed manuals along with the CD-ROM version. It’s always more convenient to open a printed manual on the road, than to wait for the CD-ROM to pop open and perhaps printing out some pages to carry with you. Nikon people seem to be aware of our needs and address them like the professionals they are.

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Protection for Your Feet
And More from Magellan’s

AGELLAN’S, which bills itself as America’s leading source of travel supplies, certainly carries a vast array of essentials for the wise traveler. Before your next trip, call 800 962-4943 and get their latest catalog. To ensure that your trip will be more comfortable, a joy in fact, order some of those valuable products from Magellan’s.

The catalog is packed with such items as money belts, luggage, hats, coffee makers, water heaters, binoculars, alarm clocks, insect protection, photo gear, picnic supplies, rain gear, security, toilet kits, walking aids, sun protection, phone accessories…well, you get the idea. They have it all.

Prior to my trip to London, I obtained these essentials:

Push-Cush, an inflatable pillow on which to rest my feet, increasing circulation and stimulating the joints. Catalog No. IF377, $9.85.


Folding Foot Rest came in handy on the long flight. This item fits in your pocket or purse. It unfolds into a four-foot high footstool and relieves the strain on your lower back. IF477, $24.85.


Travel Fan, just 3½ inches long and attractive in silver, gave a nice breeze when I was walking on the hot London streets in summer. I also used it while sitting atop the open tour bus. You can attach it to your belt or around your neck for ease of use. IF160, $8.85.


Silver Travel Box is made of German silverplate and looks so elegant you can use it as a business card case or as a wallet. It served both purposes for me. GG105, $24.85.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths kept my glasses and camera lens spotless. You don’t need water or cleaning fluid with these 7X7 inches soft-touch cloths. They’re machine washable for years of use. You get two packs with three cloths per pack. BA135, $9.85.


Glassafe is dubbed “armor for your eyewear,” and it is. Carry your glasses in this original hardshell case and you can sit on it without fear. But why would you do that? Carry it on your belt or attach to your car visor. It has a soft lining to protect your glasses. BA426, $12.85.


Fitovers are stylish wraparound sunshades especially useful for those of us who wear prescription glasses. Fitovers offers maximum UV protection and are polarized to reduce glare. Comes with a case and cleaning cloth, plus a neck cord or you can attach it to your belt or backpack. I found it essential for touring in the sun. BA279, $39.85.

Order direct at www.magellans.com.

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One Device Reads
Five Media Types

ARGUS, manufacturer of essential accessories for mobile computers, offers the All in One Media Reader/Writer. Plug this Flash Memory Card Reader, with USB cable, into your notebook and you can transfer digital images from five types of cards.

The triple slot universal design accommodates CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, Secure Digital or Multimedia Card.

Included are an extension cable and a user’s manual. Use this with Windows 98, Windows Me or Windows 2000.

The Reader/Writer, Model PA51OU, is priced at $59.99 at www.targus.com.

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Camera Case Essential
For Your Digital Camera

ARGUS Pro-Black Photo Camera Case comes in three sizes: large, medium and small. The interior is foam padded to protect your digital camera. The interior pockets hold memory cards. It even has a zippered front pocket. You can fasten the smart-looking case to your belt or use the convenient straps to carry it over your shoulder. The large size, DPBC03, is priced at $14.99 at www.targus.com.

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Arize Toaster
State of the Art

LACK & DECKER promises to teach you the art of better toasting with its new Arize Electronic Toaster. This baby doesn’t just brown your bread. It combines a revolutionary design with advance technology. Result? See for yourself through the see-through sides as your bread rises past focused heat to golden goodness without being dried out.

In other words: your toast comes out crispy outside, moist inside.

Stylish in design, this unique toaster clearly displays the one-of-a-kind scanning process.

“We are continually looking at how new technnologies can advance product performance and make consumers’ lives easier and better,” says David Arnott, marketing manager of the kitchen group at Applica Consumer Products.

“With the Arize Toaster, we feel we’ve accomplished that goal.”

In a market first, the dual pass heating system allows a motorized carriage to lower and then raise bread past fixed rods at a preset speed for toasting. The glass slides enable you to monitor the toast and make adjustments.

A self-adjusting carriage system accommodates different bread thickness as well as bagels and pastries.

Priced at $69-$79 at specialty stores or at www.blackanddecker.com. Applica manufactures and markets Black & Decker household products.

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This Typhoon Blows
To Keep You Cool

OU will cool off in comfort and with less noise than other comparable fans with Black & Decker’s Typhoon Oscillating Fan. The Silent Force­­™ Blade technology features five paddles uniquely shaped to create a quiet breeze without the distracting noise of typical units.

“To maintain the Black & Decker brand tradition of utmost product quality,” said Paul Lincoln, marketing manager of Applica home products, “it was important for us to understand how the jet engine industry develops technology in terms of air flowq, speed and noise reduction so we could develop and apply similar technology to the new Typhoon Fan.”

Less noise means you’ll get a good night’s sleep in cool comfort.

The head tilts easily and safely to direct the airflow just the way you want. The built-in thermostat gives you an adjustable airflow. Also comes with a convenient handle for easy portability.

Model APP BDSF1600 is available as a 16-inch stand in two colors, midnight navy and cream, for $30.99 at home centers and www.blackanddecker.com.

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Black & Decker Innovates
With Prestige Iron Models

F you prefer to handle your garments at home, but want the results of professional pressing, then the new Black & Decker Prestige Premium Iron is your only option. Its SmarTemp™ system takes the guesswork out of ironing by using lights and tones to indicate when the iron has reached the selected temperature and to signal when the iron is about to shut off automatically.

Another innovation embedded in this iron is the SmartSteam™ system, which automatically selects the right amount of steam at any setting to help prevent water spotting.

“The Black & Decker Garment Care Brand has been manufacturing irons for more than 18 years,” says Dan Bilger, Garment Care marketing manger.

“Several forward thinking features combined with the maximum steam capability of the new Black & Decker Prestige Premium Iron translates in faster and easier ironing.”

Models priced from $39-$69 and available at mass merchant stores or 1-800-231-9786 or www.blackanddecker.com.

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