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No. 27

July 2001

Credit this man with:
Open-air Garages
Magnetic Refrigerator Doors
Rubberized Wheels on Trains
Colorful Political Campaigns
Saving the New York Post

The man who single-handedly rescued the New York Post from oblivion is poised to stir the media pot once again. Still in prison after a year, Abe Hirschfeld reveals his vision to revolutionize the media with the creation of Full Story

Abe at Wit’s End

Who is smart? He who knows that he does not know.

Howie would buy a truckload of melons at a dollar apiece and sell them at a dollar each. He complained he couldn’t make a living. “I have a solution for you,” his friend said. “Great!” Howie said. “Now I’ll be able to feed my family. What should I do?” His friend said, “Howie, what you should do is buy a bigger truck.”

Why do they say shalom in Israel when they say hello and goodbye? Because in Israel they never know when they’re coming or going.

Why do they have such fights in the Knesset, but for the national anthem they stay in their seats? Because they don’t want anybody to take away their chairs.

Abe Primed to Debut
iUSATimes  Webzine

Abe Hirschfeld is laying the groundwork for a new publication on the Internet. The former publisher of the New York Post named his global magazine He is preparing to launch this summer.

He welcomes inquiries from reporters and columnists, critics and reviewers, interested in joining the enterprise.

Send resumes to, 328 E. 61st St., New York NY 10021. No phone calls or personal visits at this time.

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Real estate community honors tax attorney Bertram Podell

Long Island school taps Nina and Tim Boxer as parents of the year! (Can you believe it?)

Jeffrey Gurian in spotlight
as Face to Face (starring
Scott Baio) opens
Taos New Mexico Film Festival.

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