Rabbi Dovid Rhodes presents plaque to Nina and Tim.

Long Island School Taps
Boxers as Top Parents


ESHIVA Torah Mitzion Institute of Judaic Studies honored Nina and me as Parents of the Year at its annual dinner at the Merrick Jewish Center in Merrick, Long Island.

It took Rabbi Dovid Rhodes ten minutes to present us with the appropriate plaques and citations, but he allotted me only two minutes to respond.

Two minutes? It takes me that long to clear my throat!

Rabbi Dovid Rhodes with his student, Gabriel, and
Gabriel’s wife Rebeka.

I had prepared a speech that was twenty minutes long. Due to what Nina said, I got it down to a reasonable length. She said what she says every night: Take out the garbage.

This was one of those rare occasions when my wife lets me speak. When I open my mouth at home, she laughs. My kids never laugh – they never listen.

I can tell you that I don’t deserve a Parent of the Year award. A medal for Husband of the Year – yes! – for surviving.

Our wedding was wonderful – it’s the living together that was tough. I was in the Army, so I’m trained for combat duty.

Rebeka’s mother, Lois, and siblings
Samuel and Rachel.

Actually, Nina and I are always holding hands. If I let go – she goes shopping!

For putting up with these jokes, Nina deserves an Oscar. She’s a true ayshes chayil [noble wife].

Through the years, we put our two boys through private schools in New York and Israel.

Gabriel recently married a wonderful young lady, Rebeka, who about to enter medical school. He goes to Queens College for business and is continuing his Hebrew studies at Torah Mitzion.

Our second son, David, is at Cornell, where in his first semester as a freshman this year they put him on the Dean’s List.

The only list I made was the principal’s list. You don’t want to hear about that!

Glenn Cohen (from left), Ralph Sherman
and Danny Hiller among the many dinner

I tried bringing up our kids the right way. Boy, it was hard! The only thing children wear out faster than shoes are parents and teachers.

My boys complained that I was not a good father. I never played ball with them. I rarely came out to watch them play in Little League.

I was always too busy writing a column, editing a website, producing a book. In other words – I was a lousy Dad.

Now take my wife…please! She deserves to be honored…as Wife of the Year…for putting up with these jokes every day.

Rabbi Dovid Rhodes (second from right) welcomes
Nassau County  politicians (l-r) Commissioner
J. Leonard Samansky, representing County
Executive Thomas S. Gulotta; County Legislator
Norma L. Gonsalves, New York State Senator
Charles J. Fuschillo Jr., and County Comptroller
Frederick E. Parola.

Two other couples really deserved their honors.  Jerry Gil and his wife received the Pillar of Chesed Award, and Dov Greenberg and his wife were named Alumni of the Year.

In paying tribute to the guests of honor, Rabbi Rhodes said the mission of the school is to help students function in the world of business.

“There is no separation between the secular and holy lives,” he said. “We integrate Torah values in our lives.”

Three local politicians presented certificates and citations: New York State Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr., Nassau County Executive Thomas S. Gulotta, and Nassau County Legislator Norma L. Gonsalves.

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