Issue 47
April, 2003

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING - Greek Orthodox Party For Premiere of TV Series
MEMORIAL SLOAN KETTERING - Scalamandre Kicks Off 12th Annual Bunny Hop
ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER - Bark for Joy at Flaherty Oncology Lab
ISRAEL ECONOMIC MISSION - Welcoming Ambassador Who Wasn’t Even There
ISRAEL BONDS - Army Didn’t Want Her In But Couldn’t Keep Her Out
SCHECHTER INSTITUTE - Consul General Pinkas Says Not Legal To Call Him Counsel
UJA-FEDERATION - Russian Young Leadership Honors Acclaimed Author
Products - HP Photosmart 720, Photosmart 8881 Camera Dock, and Photo Printer 7550, Sexual, Musini and Kung Fu Chaos
Society - Legendary Ballerinas, Hot Time At Grammys, B’way Women Shine and They Were There
Travel - Eating in London To Support the Brits


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