Main Events

Nick Georges, Chris Orros,
John Georgopoulos

Christine Calfous and
Athena Matsoukis

Jimmy Santis

Greek Orthodox Party

For Premiere of TV Series

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Chris Orros

HE Fellowship of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral threw their own Big Fat Greek Wedding Party. The smashing event was in honor of Nia Nardalos, the release of the tape and DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the premiere of her TV series.

Jimmy Santis and Renée Panagos Felice, otherwise known as  Los Super Greeks, performed hilarious comedy sketches. They did a Sonny and Cher parody with their song You’re Not Greek  Babe. Cathie Julius choreographed and starred in a dance routine with Christine Calfous, Chris Kavasilas, Jim Kardiasmenos, Andre Herzegovitch and Athena Matsoukis.

George Zapantis and Calliope Petris won the Greek Idol singing contest with a spontaneous duet of the standard Feelings.

There was a delicious Mezedakia buffet provided by Zenon restaurant. The hit film was playing in the screening room and, of course, there was a bottle of Windex on every table in case anyone got hurt.

Nick Kanellopoulos and his company Dash of Class added special lighting effects and spun the music. That brought such guests as  Dean Sirigos, Lilly Georgopoulis, Liz Psaros, Demitrios Brilis, Vivian Adamakos, Constantine Morphopoulos, Liz Economou, Jason Grant, Galen Gaarder, Christopher and Kiki Mose, Manthos Kallios, Tina Rosengarten, Tim Papyianni, Athena Kotsinos, Ely Papadeas, Melody Kratsios, Florence Givelis, Maria and Caroline Lyrist, Theano Muzithris, and Andy Yiannakos to their feet.

Kudos to the team that put it all together including Andrea Pappas, Nick Georges, Chris Orros, Steve Kalcanides, Helene Savvides, John Georgopoulos, Sophia Brilis and Anthony Vlahos.

Main Events

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