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Mayor Ron Huldai, Harvey Krueger and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Mayor Ron Huldai, Harvey Krueger and Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mike Burstyn and Ron Huldai
Mike Burstyn and Ron Huldai
Nina Boxer and Michael Bloomberg
Nina Boxer and Michael Bloomberg
New York Celebrates
Centennial Of An Idea

, New York’s mayor, came to the Grand Hyatt last month where the Tel Aviv Foundation was celebrating Tel Aviv’s centennial, and remarked, "I hope I look as good as Tel Aviv when I’m a hundred."

Alon Pinkas, former consul general in New York, said Tel Aviv is not a city but an idea – the idea of Zionism.

Rumored to become Israeli ambassador to the U.S. next summer, Pinkas called Israel "New York’s sixth borough."

Not to be outdone in the quipster marathon, Mike Burstyn chimed in that he was born in the Bronx but raised in Israel. "That was safer than the Bronx. Even Gaza was safer than the Bronx."

At the dinner Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai honored two Gotham stalwarts: Josh S. Weston, honorary chairman of Automatic Data Processing, and Harvey M. Krueger, vice chairman of Barclays Capital.

Huldai, re-elected last year for a third five-year term, reminded Weston, "When I first met you and Judy for the first time in New Jersey, I was a pilot in the Israeli air force. We believed we have to create a bridge between the new generation of Israelis and Americans.

"You hosted me in your beautiful home. I saved a few dollars and gained a friend for life.

"When I decided to run for the Mayor’s office, you burst into laughter, expressing your opinion that there is no chance for me to win!

"Since you were a dear friend, and didn't want to disappoint me, you supported my campaign. You told me that as far as you can remember, this is the first and only time that you will invest in something you are sure will never succeed.

"Since then, this investment (which succeeded three times by the way) has cost you a fortune as the chairman of the Tel Aviv Foundation and one of our most generous supporters."

Harvey Krueger was chairman of Lehman Bros. which, as you know, went belly up. He had committed to build a gym at a school in Jaffa. When money became an issue, he called Josh Weston.

"Josh told me he’d help finish the project," Krueger said. "And he did."

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