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A Camera For All Of Us

OOKING for a digital camera ó even if youíre a pro and want backup in your pocket ó look no further. The new Samsung SL420 Digital Camera with 10.2 megapixels and 5X optical zoom is your answer. I highly recommend it.

First it just looks good. Its LCD Monitor is 2.7 inches so you donít have to squint to compose your pictures. And itís packed with all kinds of features and menus.

SL420 Digital CameraThe mode dial is marked for eight modes: Auto, Auto Smart, Scene, Beauty Shot, Program, Movie Clip, Dual IS (Image Stabilization), and Photo Help Guide. Each has its own list of choices. For example, Scene offers such options as Dawn, Fireworks, Sunset, Night, Dawn, Portrait, and so on.

The Beauty Shot mode is a retouch tool: helps you clear facial imperfections, The Photo Help Guide is quite good, showing you how to use the camera when focusing is difficult, shooting in low light, or adjusting to brightness or colors, and more.

There are many features to help you capture what you want on the SD memory card. The CD manual is packed with so much information and so many tips that I had to print out a few pages to refer to the instructions while shooting. (Okay, Iím a slow learner.) This stylish camera is $139.99.


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Watch Films On The WallDiscovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector

F you donít have a television screen as big as your wall, get the Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector. In a dark room, place the projector up to 14 feet from the wall and your home videos, DVD movies, video games and TV shows will screen on the wall up to 120 inches wide.

Dedicated couch potatoes will stand the machine on its end and watch images on the ceiling while lounging in bed.

Instead of connecting the device to your television set, use the included audio/video cable to connect to RCA outputs on the cable box, satellite box, DVD player or video game system.

The projector a stereo sound panel, focus lens, and headphone jack. To get you started, the projector comes with a Discovery Channel Forces of Nature DVD consisting of an episode from three programs: Man vs Wild, learning survival from yak herders in Siberia; Dirty Jobs, recovering sunken vehicles in Minnesota; and a MythBusters segment.

Projector is available at JCPenney, Kohls, Boscovís and Bealls for about $149.


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Green Power On The Go

HERE are products that will charge up your handheld mobile devices on the go. But i.Tech Dynamic has put forth a mobile charger that gives you green power.

About the size of a deck of cards, the SolarCharger 906 is equipped with a monocrystalline solar panel that can store a charge for up to a year.

This solar powered charger comes with an assortment of 10 adapter plugs to power up your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry and other brands via a USB cable thatís included in the package.

SolarVoice 908A flashing red light alerts you when the unit is solar charging; solid red light indicates charging through a USB. Use the suction cup to attach it to your windshield. MSRP $59.99 at retail stores or www.itechdynamic.com.

i.Tech Dynamic also offers the hands-free SolarVoice 908, a solar powered Bluetooth headset that provides unlimited standby time in sunlight. The earbud, while reducing background noise and distortion to allow for clear reception, allows air to the ear canal, eliminating that plugged ear sensation. Keep it in its cradle for desktop or in-car solar charging. Talk time up to five hours. MSRP $74.99.


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This Headsetís For You

LANTRONICS Voyager Pro is a reliable Bluetooth headset that you can connect to two phones. Connect to a Smartphone and a personal phone, of a phone and a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a laptop for Internet calls.

Two noise canceling mics on a boom captures your voice nicely. One mic is focused on your speech and the other keeps out distracting background sounds.

The dual microphones have three layers of WindSmart technology ó stainless steel mic screens, acoustic fabrics and an electronic filter block ó assures that your voice is heard despite the noise around you.

The fast charging battery allows for six hours of continuous talk time. A voice prompt will alert you when itís ready to recharge. $99.99 at www.plantronics.com.


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Supplies For The RoadMenís Port OĎCall Anorak

HEREíS a Magellanís exclusive: Menís Port OĎCall Anorak, water resistant and waterproof. The rain hood tucks into the collar in fair weather. Made of breathable nylon with mesh lining. When traveling fold the jacket into its own zippered pocket and use it as a pillow. Eight pockets will hold your camera, phone, passport, guidebooks and more. $159.50.

Personal Emergency AlarmPersonal Emergency Alarm is essential for your safety in areas you fear to tread. When danger lurks, just squeeze it and an ear piercing 101 decibel shriek will frighten any would-be assailant and attract bystanders. Clip it to your belt or keychain and off you go. $12.85.

French Terry Jacket and PantsFrench Terry Jacket and Pants ensemble offers two distinct looks. The zippered jacket reverses from black to jewel-tone stripes. It has two pockets. The black elastic waist pants have two deep pockets. $129.50.

Bolton LoafersBolton Loafers by Clarks Bostonian is lightweight and easy to pack. If you wish, you can remove the shock absorbing insoles and insert your own orthotics or arch supports. Easy to slip off at airport security. Available in black or brown. $79.50.




Performance Crew NeckPerformance Crew Neck knit shirt will keep any woman cool in any weather due to its moisture-wicking poly/spandex blend. It also comes as a cowl neck and V-neck. $35.




Easy-View Dual LED Watch Easy-View Dual LED Watch is water resistant in a stainless steel case. At the touch of a button, two red LEDs illuminate the face, making it easy to see the time in any dimly lit setting, restaurant, plane, wherever. Nylon band available. $39.85.

 Magellanís has an extensive supply of travel needs. To obtain a catalog call 1-800-962-4943 or order online at www.magellans.com.


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Must HaveEnergizer XP4000 Power Pack

nergizer XP4000 Power Pack is a convenient portable battery to take anywhere you go. It will charge up any battery in your digital camera or camcorder. You can also use it to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, Bluetooth and gaming devices. Package contains six cell phone tips, two USB charging cables, an AC adapter, userís manual and travel bag. It is available for $79.99 at www.xpalpower.com/onlinestore/us.

Tuff-N-Tiny Tuff-N-Tiny is an ultra-portable USB drive thatís so small Verbatim provides a lanyard to secure it to your key chain. This plug-and-play device is just an inch long and half an inch wide and thin as a penny. This small form factor allows you to take your work from office to home or on the road. The removable drive features a solid state design Ė no moving parts Ė meaning it will retain data for 10 years or more. Comes in capacities of 4GB for $29.99 and 8GB for $49.99 at www.Verbatim.com.

YooHoo & FriendsYooHoo & Friends is a plush category of animal from Aurora World that will endear them to children 5 to 12. The new line in that category features four WannaBes with big eyes and long fluffy tails. Squeeze their tummies and theyíll laugh out loud. Price for the 8-inch mammal is $11.99. See more at www.auroragift.com.


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