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Jeff Greenfield and Lawrence S. Blumberg
Jeff Greenfield and Lawrence S. Blumberg
Gershon Kekst and Bruce G. Pollack
Gershon Kekst and Bruce G. Pollack
Dr. Jacob Hanna and Martin D. Payson
Dr. Jacob Hanna and Martin D. Payson
Israeli Scientists Return
After Studying In America

EFF GREENFIELD, CBS News correspondent, said he went to Bronx School of Science and failed every science class. But that didnít hinder him from welcoming three promising scientists at a gala dinner of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

Jacob (Yaqub) Hanna, an Israeli Arab who is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, told how excited he is to join the department of immunology at Weizmann Institute of Science in April.

Born into a Christian family in Rama, a small village near Carmiel in the Galilee, Hanna earned his Ph.D. and M.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specializes in the study of embryonic stem cells.

"I was lucky to have Weizmann to continue my work in my own country," he said.

Ron Milo, who got a Ph.D. in biological physics at Weizmann, and did postdoctoral work in systems biology at Harvard, is a member of the department of plant sciences at Weizmann.

Maya Schuldiner got her Ph.D. in genetics at Hebrew University, was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco, and is now at the department of molecular genetics at Weizmann.

As if to mollify Greenfield, Lawrence S. Blumberg, chairman of the American Committee, said he too failed all his science classes in school.

Gershon Kekst, former chairman of the Weizmann international board, presented an award to Bruce G. Pollack, chairman of the New York executive committee.




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