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Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan

Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove and Archbishop Dolan
Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove and Archbishop Dolan
Cardinal Egan, Rabbi Potasnik and Archbishop Dolan
Cardinal Egan, Rabbi Potasnik and Archbishop Dolan
Cardinal Egan, Rabbi Potasnik and Archbishop Dolan
John Peruggia (left), EMS chief, and Edward S. Kilduff, assistant chief of
Brooklyn Command of the New York Fire Department
Rabbis Hail New Archbishop
Who Feels Right At Home

EW YORK’S new archbishop, the Most Reverend Timothy Michael Dolan, the former archbishop of Milwaukee, was formerly welcomed as the new archbishop of the Big Apple.

The New York Board of Rabbis sponsored the welcoming event on September 10 at Park Avenue Synagogue.

Adjusting his black skullcap, Dolan looked at his Jewish audience with their yarmulkes, and remarked, "At my church I’m the only one to wear a skullcap. Here I feel among so many friends."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg observed: "We have a cardinal, archbishop, governor, mayor and a few rabbis. I’d say we are close to having a minyan."

The ceremony also honored Dolan’s predecessor, His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan, archbishop emeritus of New York.

When Dolan was named archbishop last February, Egan told him they must make some important phone calls "not to the Irish clergy, not to the Italian businessmen, but to the Jewish leaders."

Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove of Park Avenue Synagogue started with a spritz of spiritual humor:

Three clergymen talked about how each wanted to be remembered by visitors to his grave. The priest said, "I hope they’d say I was a good man who brought his flock closer to God."

The minister said, "I hope they’d say I tended to the needs of my congregation."

The rabbi said, "I hope one would say to the other, ‘I think he’s moving.’"

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, NYBR executive vice-president, recalled coming to St. Patrick’s Cathedral with tickets for a special event. He noticed an old woman sad of heart.

She said sadly that she had no ticket. Potasnik had an extra one and gave it to her.

The woman thanked him: "Only in New York do you get into church with a ticket from a rabbi!"

As Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier of Fifth Avenue Synagogue presented a shofar to Egan, the Cardinal said, "I’m going to Juilliard to learn how to play it."

The humor didn’t end there. Rabbi Charles A. Klein, NYBR president, told about a widow and widower whom met for an introductory meal. After dessert the elderly man asked, "Will you marry me?" and the elderly woman said yes.

Next day the old man couldn’t remember if his new friend said yes or no. He called her. "When I asked you to marry me, did you say yes or no?

"I said yes. By the way I’m glad you called. I couldn’t remember who I spoke to."

Klein presented to the archbishop a yad, in the shape of a long silver finger, that is normally used when reading the Torah in the synagogue.

Before the evening ended Cardinal Egan shared a story about McGuiness who got into a fight and was thrown into a vat of beer. "Oh Lord," he pleaded, "give me a mouth worthy of this occasion."


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