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Donít Leave Home Without Them

ONíT leave on your next journey without these handy travel items from the worldís premier gear supplier, Magellanís. See these and more invaluable aids for travelers at www.magellans.com. You should always carry a good pair of binoculars. Shorts is good in the heat. An umbrella can only help in any iffy climate. And you need a strong tote if youíre bringing along your notebook.

Travelite V Binoculars
Menís Explorer Cargo Shorts
Check Friendly Computer Tote
Travelite V Binoculars is so neat and small you can carry it everywhere you go. You know this is top quality optics because it is Nikon. The rubber-coated body makes it easy to grip. Comes with a carrying case with belt loop and adjustable neck strap.

Menís Explorer Cargo Shorts sports a hidden front security pocket besides regular pockets. Pants available in 30 inch or 32 inch lengths. $49.50.

Check Friendly Computer Tote gets you through security without removing your computer. Just unzip the bag, lay it down flat and send it through the X-ray machine. Youíre off to the boarding gate in no time. The tote has a see-through padded pocket that holds a 15.4 inch laptop. The outside zippered pocket will hold your MP3 player, and the flip-down work station consists of multiple compartments to hold accessories. $49.85.

Genie Umbrella
Genie Umbrella
is reputedly the worldís smallest umbrella which makes it perfect for travelóin the city to your office or on the road. Tuck this manual umbrella in your purse, daybag or pocket and youíre prepared for the elements. $24.85.

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Nowali MoccasinsKeeping Footsies Cozy

OLDER weatherís coming so itís time to get your Nowali Moccasins. The Swedish moccasin manufacturer this year introduced eight patterns of their famous sock-in-a-soft-shoe in eight patterns and 13 colors.

For 50 years Nowali has been making hand-stitched moccasins that actually stay on a childís foot, thanks to the double elastic knit of the ankle. There are no laces to tie or straps to fasten. The soft non-skid soles keep the kids safe on any floor. And theyíre completely washable.

Not only children love these shoes and socks in one, but moms too can get cozy with them, in sizes 7/8 and 9/10.

Priced at $24.95 at www.nowali.com.

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Verbatim UltraLife Gold Archival Grade DVD-RMust Haves

way to save your important documents and valuable photos is on DVDs that promise longevity. That means Verbatim UltraLife Gold Archival Grade DVD-R. Each disc is made with dual reflective layers. The silver layer makes the disc look like a standard silver disc to DVD drives and recorders. The gold layer prevents oxygen from coming through and corroding the silver layer. A hard coating protects the recording surface from scratches and rough handling. A 5-pack starts at $9.99.

Color Nano Wireless Notebook MouseNOW thereís a small sleek looking mouse that comes in seven different colors to match your mood, or at least your computer bag. Verbatimís Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse comes in red, green, purple, yellow, pink, blue and graphite. The receiver is so small you connect to your laptop and just leave it. When youíre on the go, itís always with you. You have fewer cords to pack. The small mouse has a rubberized grip for either left-hand or right-hand use. Available for $27.61 at www.amazon.com.

Power Station Traveller TAKE your cell phones, iPod and other rechargeable devices on the road without shlepping all those chargers. Plug the Power Station Traveller into your carís DC power outlet and it will keep three electronic devices charged while you travel. Comes with its own carrying case, which attaches to your car seat, so everythingís neatly organized. With the optional AC/DC Adapter ($15.99) you can use the Power Station Traveller at home or office. $32.99 at www.CableOrganizer.com.

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