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[ Olympus E-420 ] [ Magellan’s ] [ Must-Haves: Wordlock, Colorfusion, The Print Shop, Elijah’s Cup, Rad Dogs ]

Light ‘n Easy

HE ultra-compact Olympus E-420 is so light that I’ve been testing it as a second camera to my basic Nikon D300. It’s also a lot simpler and quicker to manage. No wonder this 10MP camera is touted as the world’s lightest and smallest DSLR.

A dual card slot accommodates both a CF and an xD picture card. It has the SuperSonic Wave Filter dust removal system which goes into action every time you start the camera. The right hand grip is very nice.

The LCD display on the back is large at 2.7 inches. Exposure and white balance is shown in Live View, as well as a histogram, which is very useful.

Charging the BSL-1 battery takes 3.5 hours. You can expect 500 shots from a fully charged battery.

It comes with Olympus Master 2, a new version of the Olympus photo viewing software. It allows you to edit and do almost everything you’d want with your images. Body only is $499; the kit with 14-42mm lens, $599.


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Smart Set Go-Go Gear

AGELLAN’S travel gear includes a Men’s Reversible Vest, $99.50. One side is microfiber; the other is cotton jersey, and both sides have two large pockets. The drawstring hood is removable and rolls into the collar. Available in sand or blue for $99.50.

Men’s Explorer Cargo Pants comes with the requisite number of pockets, including a hidden front security pocket. Available in marine or stone for $59.50.

The broad-brimmed world famous Tilley Hat, great for men and women, has a mesh crown for nice ventilation and cool comfort. You get sun protection with 98 percent blocking of UVA/UVB rays. The underbrim filters glare from water, sand and pavement. It has an interior security pocket, and folds flat. Machine washable. $79.50.

The luxury looking Horizontal Leather Purse has a steel cable in its strap so no one can grab it off your shoulder. Main compartment is quite roomy, with extra pockets outside and inside. It comes in red, taupe or black microfiber or black leather at $89.85.

When it comes to recharging your portable electronics, you need the Power Monkey, $69. It has a huge power reserve that lasts for up to a year. Includes four adaptor plugs, a 110-240V adaptor for use in 150 countries, connectors for iPod and mobile phones, and a travel pouch.

When you just need a converter, Magellan’s has several. The Converter for motorized or electronic appliances is for us with radios, camcorder rechargers, tape recorders, CD players and other non-heating appliances up to 50 watts. It’s $17.85. If you add the four most needed adaptor plugs, price is only $26.85.

Barbados Sandals is cushioned with an ‘eggcrate footbed" that massages your feet as you stroll. The sueded leather uppers close with a nautical buckle. Comes in black, brown floral or sand. $95. See more or get a catalog at www.magellans.com.


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WORDLOCK offers a switch on combination locks: use words or letters instead of numbers. Now, that’s clever. They say the brain remembers a word easier than a group of numbers. So instead of setting your lock to something like 4,9,7,2,2, set the Padlock with a word, such as DADDY, BELLE, HEART, FORTY, or any other five-letter word. Set the TSA-approved Luggage Lock, with a four-letter combo. Both are priced at $10 each.

COLORFUSION Color Changing Candles come in two varieties. The scented color changing flame candle, $9.99, come in French Vanilla, Cinnamon and Holiday Berry fragrances. The Spa Deluxe, $12.99, is a flameless relaxation candle that changes color along with nature sounds. Great for a relaxation experience. More at www.colorconfusioncandles.com.

THE PRINT SHOP Deluxe Version 23 is a convenient way to design whatever. The staggering 21,000 project templates, plus an amazing 370,000 images and graphics, will satisfy almost any occasion. You can create invitations, greeting cards, calendars, newsletters, letterheads and more. This desktop publishing item, developed by Broderbund, is $49.99. The Pro Publisher version, with more templates and images and a lot more productive, is $99.99. The standard version is $29.99.

ELIJAH’S CUP is one element on the seder table on Passover. At one point in the evening, the door is opened and the participants invite Elijah the Prophet to drink from his wine cup.

On Passover forget parting of the sea, or turning the Nile to blood. Raise the ELIJAH DRINKS CUP to make your seder truly miraculous. When you open the door and invite Elijah for a taste of Manischewitz, watch everyone’s amazing reaction as the wine in the cup begins to diminish and disappear, just as if the prophet drank it all. It’s a feat worthy of David Copperfield. This neat trick is worth $39.95 at elijahdrinks.com.

RAD DOGS are a new breed of plush dogs from the Douglas Company. Rad, according to the Urban Dictionary, is like being cool without having to work at it. "Rad Dogs are edgy, yet very soft and stylized," says marketing manager Erika Radich. Three-year-old Junior PET, AnnaRuth, sure looks cool with her new Rad Dog named, Sly 9. The 14-inch pooch is $16; the 9-inch version is $9. See more at www.douglascuddletoy.com.


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