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RETURN VISIT: Sandra Bernhard embarks on EL AL for a return visit to Israel, where, before she found fame in Hollywood as an actress and comedian, she once volunteered on a kibbutz. She was guest of honor at the Holon International Womenís Festival at the Holon Theatre in Tel Aviv.
Photo by Shimon Golding


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Sanford Batkin (right) welcomes Dr. Michal Yuval at his parlor meeting

Fiddling On The Roof

ANFORD BATKIN was in Israel after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. An old friend, Norman Shanin, then dean of David Yellin Teachers College, schlepped Batkin to see the school in Jerusalem.

"It was a decrepit building in a place that looked like a shtetl," Batkin recalled. "I was not impressed."

Past links proved crucial for future connections.

After reminiscing with his friend about time spent in Hebrew school at the East Midwood Jewish Center in Brooklyn, where both had their bar mitzvahs, Batkin became involved in helping the school flourish in the following three decades.

Batkin recently hosted a parlor meeting at his Manhattan home for the school, now known as the David Yellin Academic College of Education.

Dr. Michal Yuval, chairman of the biology and chemistry departments, told how the school, now located in Bet Hakerem, has expanded so much that classes for some of the 3,000 students are held on the roof.


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ROYALTY: In Jerusalem, the King David Hotelís director of delegations and groups Sheldon Ritz (left), and general manager Haim Shkedi played host to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to Israel. She slept in the Royal Suite and did her interviews in the Presidential Suite while her delegation occupied 154 rooms. A running food station was kept for her on the sixth floor. Her favorite nosh? A state secret. (Mine? Kasha varnishkes.)


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