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Kevin Bartelme and Andre Martinez Reed

Kelvin Nugroho and Michèle Gerber Klein

Gigi Salomon and Roland Gebhardt

Zoltan Csanadi and Sarah Ellis

Colette and Zhang Jie-Song

Art Exhibit Arrives From
China in Time For Opening

Text and Photos by Roger Webster

ed Blood of the Dragon's Psyche, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art, opened at Salomon Arts, 83 Leonard Street, New York City, owned by Rodrigo and Gigi Salomon. Curator Zhang Jie-Song selected works to highlight the dominant provinces that "have defined the terrain of Chinese psychological experience within the lifespan of modern China."

Because of the devastating earthquake in China and the normal red tape, it was questionable whether the exhibition would materialize. All the participating artists—Zhang Yu Ying, Chen Nong, Fu Yue Hui, Zhang Han, Zhao Bo—live in China, and getting their work out was difficult.

At the last minute everything came together beautifully. Huang Lilian, World class pipa (Chinese lute) player, entertained and the evening came to a climax when Jie-Song played the electric violin to thunderous applause.

Guests included artists Colette, Roland Gebhardt, An-Khang Vu-Cong and Odin Opsahl Gee; designers Kelvin Nugroho and Maggie Norris; authors Kevin Bartelme and Matthew Eames; photographers Christophe von Hohenberg and Claus Eggers; collectors Michele Gerber Klein, Robert Burton, Judith Agisim, Zoltan Csanadi, Sarah Ellis, Marvin Berk, Marilyn Lester, Raj Tolaram, Fabiola Bacelar, Kelsey Donwen and Tobey Hazel.

Also curator Everard Findlay; The Wall Street Greek Markos Kaminis; Arts & Antiques editor Dick Kagan, Henry Gregg Gallery director Andre Martinez Reed; gfSpace salon director Giovanna Federico and Su Tam, executive director of American/Chinese media giant Chienkun.


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