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Only the Best Earn the PET Seal of Approval from
The 15 Minutes Products Evaluation Team (PET)

Tim Boxer
Senior PET

Johnathan Boxer
Junior PET

[ Casio EX-Z1080 ] [ Magellanís Travel Tools ] [ Parrot Photo Viewer ] [ MicroMemo ]
[ Natural Doll Pram ] [ Aeromax Jr. Champion Race Car ]

Best Camera For YouTube

OR every YouTube enthusiast, the new Casio EX-Z1080 is a must. This little point-and-shooter enables you to save your movies in high quality mode appropriate to share with the online video community. Casioís software application, included in the package, makes it simple to upload your video clips to YouTube in two easy steps. Visit www.pointshootupload.com for more information.

This Casio EXILIM digital camera, at 10.1 megapixels and 3X optical zoom, has a maximum ISO 6400 which makes for fine photos in dim light. Got shaky hands? No need to worry. The Anti Auto Shake helps reduce blur.

What I love about the EX-Z1080 is the menu choices that appear on the edge of the monitor screen when you power up. You can easily change the print size, flash, face detection, Anti Shake or the ISO without groping within the menu settings. I found this extremely helpful, in fact enjoyable.

This fashionable camera comes in four flavors: blue, gray, black and Ė pink! How cool is that? $249.99.


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Travel Tools For Savvy Sojourners

AGELLANíS offers innovative travel essentials that are invaluable for the serious sojourner. Before you even leave for your flight, make sure you didnít pack so much that they may charge you for overweight. Use the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale that weighs luggage up to 100 pounds. $24.85. Order all items at www.magellans.com.

One thing I love about the PacSafe day bag is that the front flap uses Velcro closures, not the clumsy clips which I find hard to open in a jiffy. This is one mother of a bag, with a wire-reinforced shoulder strap, is slashproof and thief proof. One side has a zippered pocket for camera and phone; the other side holds a water bottle. The beauty is on the inside, where your valuables, such as passport and credit cards, are securely held. $59.85.

When you arrive at your foreign destination, chances are youíll need to recharge. Youíll find the Travel Smart by Franzus All-in-One Adapter with surge protector quite handy. This compact unit has four international adapters that work in North America, South Pacific, UK and Europe. $19.85.

IonX Traveler Socks, a Magellanís exclusive, helps increase oxygen to the blood, preventing fatigue on long-haul flights. Made of nylon/Lycra, they are thin as dress socks. I wear them all the time, for business at home as well as on the road, as they prevent swelling and assists blood flow to the heart. $24.85.


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Bluetooth Photo Frame

high definition digital photo frame, the Parrot Photo Viewer 7" will display your work nicely at home or in the office. It stores more than 500 photos in JPEG format. You transfer your images via Bluetooth from mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, digital cameras and computers.

Use the Photo Viewer either horizontally or vertically. The frame comes in a variety of wood or leather finishes to suit your environment.

You can select to display one photo, or you can choose continuous slide show. The Photo Viewer automatically rotates and resizes each image to fit the frame. $239.99.


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Record With iPod

TTACH the MicroMemo voice recorder to the Dock connector at the bottom of your iPod with video, and you can capture not only music but also memos, lectures and ideas at meetings. Use your iPodís high fidelity audio capability, powered by the iPodís internal battery.

With one button you switch your iPod from play to record. Use the built-in speaker to playback without headphones. Priced at $79.95. More information at www.XtremeMac.com.


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Best of Toy Fair

Natural Doll Pram is made of solid beech wood and comes with a fluffy bed set to keep the dolls and stuffed animals cozy and comfortable. Itís a huge hit with the youngest member of our Product Evaluation Team, PET AnnaRuth who, at two years old, is highly attuned to quality. Priced at $119.99 at www.oompa.com.


Jr. Champion Racer is an inflatable race car thatís a winner for kids ages 3-7. Dress the kid in a racing car outfit from Aeromax and heís good to go on dry land. In a swimsuit heíll race the car on water and have loads of fun. In case thereís traffic in the pool, the car has a horn that really works. Itís an impressive vehicle with big fat tires, colorful logos and hot racing stripes. $29.95. See more at www.aeromaxtoys.com.


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