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Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert

Sanford Batkin and Rosalyn Devon at Israel Museum gala at
the Waldorf

Harriette and Noel Levine at Israel Museum photography gala at
the Waldorf


Putting On The Dog
At Photography Gala

Story by Tim Boxer
Photos by Scott Rudd

HEN the Israel Museum was founded in 1965 in Jerusalem, the camera was not a passionate topic. It took 12 years for the museum to open its eyes and establish a department of photography.

The photographic image was definitely a hot topic at the American Friends of the Israel Museumís photography gala at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. President Stephen Lash announced that more than $3.1 million was raised, much of that from auctioning off commissioned portrait sittings by outstanding camera artists.

The dinner attracted 678 ritzy people in the Grand Ballroom, such as Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert, Sanford Batkin, Michael Steinhardt, Lin Arison, Robbi and Bruce Toll, and Harriette and Noel Levine (who endowed the Photography Department for $12 million).

But my high-spirited seat mates were yapping about dogs. Did you know you can make a shidduch for your darling pet? Or give your precious puppy a bark mitzvah?

The late Leona Helmsley, that legendary Queen of Mean, arranged a marriage for her beloved pooch four years ago at Biscuits & Bath.

"You canít imagine what we do with dogs," said Myles Horn, a principal at ABC Properties and an investor in this doggie salon that opened seven years ago. "We even do acupuncture. Itís amazing how people invest so much money in their dogs."


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