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Evelyn and Leonard Lauder

John and Lizzie Tisch

Diana Taylor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Arie Kopelman and Alan Rappaport

Annual Event At Armory
Heats Up Manhattan Nightlife

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by  Patrick Mcmullan

ORE than a million dollars was raised at the 54th annual Winter Antiques Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory in New York. As always the event benefited the East Side Settlement House.

Maureen and Richard Chilton, Jr. were honorary chairs; Pamela Fiori and Alan Rappaport were co-chairs; Arie Kopelman was committee chair and Lucinda C. Ballard and Michael Lynch were vice chairs.

Jon Gilman's Taste Caterers prepared the food that delighted a premium guest list that included Diana Taylor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Evelyn and Leonard Lauder, Lizzie and John Tisch, Fredericke Biggs, Mario Buatta, Anne Cox Chambers, Michel Cox Witmer, Ann Nitze, Joel Allen, Cece Black, Teri Noel Towe, Liz Kabler, Dino Rivera, Barbara and Donald Tober, Jamie Figg, Margo Langenberg, Mark Gilbertson, Michele and Larry Herbert, Carl and Sabrina Forsythe, Christopher Mason, Pat Altschul, Leigh Keno, Sharon Handler, Les Keno, Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels, Mariana and George Kaufman, Patricia Burnham, Cricket Burns and Liz Peek.

A week later, the show had the Young Collectors' Night, sponsored by Badgley Mischka and chaired by Tatiana Papanicolaou, Kipton Cronkite, Elizabeth Meigher, Michael O'Neal and Genevieve Wheeler Brown.

Wendy Carduner hosted the after-party at Doubles. Chris Spitzmiller, Natalie Leventhal, Andrew Black, Melissa Berkelhammer, Tana and Bill Dye, Georgina Schaffer, Harry LeFrak, Thorne Perkin, George Baker, Lara Meiland-Shaw, Christopher Lentz, Marissa O'Neal, Nicole Hanley and Edward Barsamion and dozens more just like them dined splendidly and finished the evening on the dance floor.


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