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Christine Perelle and Eric Schwartz

Dr. Martin and Nancy Stone


Great Ladies Fashion Show
Brightens Up Southampton

By Edward T. Callaghan

HE lovely courtyard on Jobs Lane in Southampton, Long Island, was the sun-drenched setting for a Toast to the Great Ladies of the Hamptons – Then and Now.

French couturier Susan Sutherland, of Style Paris, and Nancy Stone, president of the Rogers Library Memorial Foundation, co-hosted a chic champagne reception.

The event featured Houses of the Hamptons co-author Gary Lawrance in a delightful talk about the mistresses of the magnificent homes of the Gilded Age in Southampton.

The reception was brilliant with the informal modeling of Susan Sutherland’s exquisite evening and day wear in the most luxurious fabrics from her fall collection.

In a salute to the Paris-based designer, several of the ladies were dressed in her timeless classics including Nancy Stone, Maggie Wilson and Melanie Wambold. Many of the gals put down their champagne glasses long enough for fittings, especially for the season’s hot item, a pea coat blazer in luscious Loro Piana cashmere

The evening benefited the newly founded Rogers Memorial Library Foundation whose mission is to enhance the quality of the free association library’s services to the community by securing resources to support library programs not normally met by public funding.

Sipping the absolutely divine Hillinger Rose Prosecco from Austria, generously donated by Herbert & Rist, were Linda Schaller, Dennis Basso, Kristi Witker and Dick Coons, Imogene Willis and Tony Palmerio, Liz Derringer, Jeanine Edington, sisters Christine and Lisette Perelle, Gregory D’Elia, Allison Levine.

Also Janine Becker, Diana Sadowski, Pamela Willoughby, Diane Corey, Eric Schwartz, Kimberly Strong, Nicole Garaone with Zachary Tunick, Janet Macri, Janice Sharp and Hamptons.com’s Nicole B. Brewer and Robert Florio.

Kristi Witker Coons and Sara Herbert Galloway

Leonard Barton and Pamela Willoughby

Melanie Wambold, Ginger Pannington and Nancy Stone


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