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Outgoing CEO Michael Mayer gives
successor Offer Gat a mock* aspirin

Sheryl Stein, advertising and public
relations manager, and Offer Gat

Standard Remedy For
Executive Headaches

Story and Photos by Tim Boxer

HE president of EL AL Israel Airlines, Haim Romano, looked forward to an exciting new era as he introduced the new CEO for North and Central America, Offer Gat.

At a celebratory dinner at Water’s Edge Restaurant in Long Island City, outgoing general manager Michael Mayer cautioned his successor that he’ll be facing plenty of headaches in this position.

To make the new chief executive’s life bearable, Mayer presented a gigantic aspirin to the newcomer, which Gat accepted with much humor.

Ruth and Arye Mekel, outgoing Israel consul general

Arie Sommer, Israel commissioner for tourism, and travel agent Tova Weiss

Cantor Joseph and Beatrice Malovany


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