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Joy Behar (left) congratulates Jeff Greenfield and Annette Insdorf

Hanging With Dr. Ruth
To Honor 2 Lecturers

Story and Photo by Tim Boxer

UTH WESTHEIMER was the logical choice to introduce Annette Insdorf at New York’s 92nd Street Y lecture series benefit at Cipriani 23rd Street. "Annette interviews Al Pacino and Meryl Streep but on Oscar night who does she hang out with? Me!" exclaimed the diminutive sexologist. "Annette knows more about film than I know about sex."

Insdorf, director of undergraduate film studies at Columbia University, and CNN senior analyst Jeff Greenfield were honored for 25 years of lectures at the Y.

Dr. Ruth said that she made three documentaries and Insdorf made three films, and both consider themselves educators. "I could say that our subject matter is different, but then again, without sex how many people would go to the movies?"

Judging by the applause, most guests seemed to agree, including Joy Behar, Bob Balaban, Lesley Gore, Pete Hamill, Walter Isaacson, Calvin Trillin, Judy Licht and Jerry Della Femina.

Screenwriter Andrew Bergman praised Greenfield for his ability "to take the most confusing and perplexing issues and make them so clear even Wolf Blitzer can understand."


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