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Versatile Briefcase

ONíT be put off by the name of Think Tankís eminently useful briefcase. I donít know why product designer Doug Murdoch and his crew named it the Airport Check In. Itís not only for hardy road warriors.

I carry this briefcase on land, sea and air. It is the perfect bag for my all my travel needs. So letís ignore that "Airport Check In" misnomer, Doug, and just call it the best travel briefcase in the world.

It has a laptop compartment where I store my AlphaSmart Neo word processor. The other compartment I use for my cameras and accessories. I slide a water bottle into the side stretch pocket. The open back pocket holds a newspaper, boarding pass or passport for easy access.

If you unzip the bottom of this back pocket, you can then attach the bag over the roller handle of your main luggage for easy transport.

You get a shoulder strap to use your briefcase as a shoulder bag, and a shoulder harness to carry it as a backpack. And you also get a rain cover.

Although configured for traveling, this versatile briefcase has been accompanying me to all the chic galas. It comes packed with my Leica Digilux 2 camera, a second digital camera, photo cards, pens and pads, mini-flashlight, business cards and my AlphaSmart Neo to take notes.

My "Airport Check In" holds all I need to report on a benefit dinner, do an interview with a personality, or cover a press conference or any other newsworthy event. More information at


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Stylish And Light

OR the stylishly inclined music lover, Sennheiser offers three models of ultra-lightweight earphones. Topping the new StyleLine is the MX 90 Style with a "twist-to-fit" system, allowing you to twist each earpiece so it nestles comfortably on your ear. Comes with two sizes of rubber ear adapters and three sizes of pads to ensure a personal fit, as well as a carry case. MSRP $69.95.

The LX 90 Style has a self-coiling ultra-lightweight neckband. Includes ear adapters in two sizes, plus a carry case. MSRP $79.95.

Top of the Style Line is the OMX 90 Style clip-on earphones. Behind the ear clips are individually adjusted for a secure fit over the ear canal. Includes ear adapters in two sizes, and a carry case. MSRP $89.95.


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Protect Your Computer

VERY fall Symantec releases a new Norton Internet Security which I consider essential to maintain a healthy working computer. Sometimes, the klutz that I am, I have to call into tech support for help installing the new version. No problem. Iíve found them extremely friendly and patient as they walk me through the simple process.

The 2007 version comes with Antivirus, Personal Firewall, Antispyware and Antiphishing.

Just install and get back to work, confident that Norton Internet Security is always running in the background to protect you from viruses and worms and all manner of security risks. Price $69.99. More at

Internet Security guards against online identity theft and blocks fake Web sites.

Norton Confidential takes those two steps to protect your computer, but goes a step further. It also encrypts your passwords from thieves. If you want this additional protection, youíll want Norton Confidential. And if you to safely conduct business online, you will definitely want Norton Confidential to protect against fraud. Price $49.99.


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Plug-Ins For Photos

HEN youíre ready to exhibit your snapshots for the world to see, Alien Skin Software has the tools you will need. To make large gallery prints from your digital pictures, get Alien Skin Blow Up for $199. You will find this a great plug-in for Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements. Itís loaded with features to help control grain and sharpen images.

Alien Skinís Exposure, at $199, can make your digital snaps look like they were shot on film. Remember film? A plug-in for Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements 3 or later, Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 or later and Corel Paint Shop Pro 9 or later, Exposure can add realistic film grain to your photos.

If you want your pictures to look like art work, instead of snap shots, Alien Skin can help. Its Snap Art, at $149, has ten filters that will transform your images to look like a pen and ink picture, an oil painting, or even like comics. In short, it will turn you from a Karsh into a Picasso. Itís a plug-in for Photoshop CS, Elements 4 or later, and Corel Paint Shop Pro XI.


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Freshen Up Your House

OU keep the window open to allow fresh air into the house to minimize the levels of air pollutant indoors. How many people open the window in the winter? Now you can keep the window closed when itís cold outside and still have fresh air coming in.

Simply place a Bionaire EverFresh Air Exchange System in the window. The unit exchanges stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, allowing the cold incoming air to absorb heat from the outgoing stale indoor air, thus keeping the room temperature steady.

The streamlined unit fits most double hung windows and doesnít block views or sunlight. Available for $199.99 at

Bionaire PERMAtech Air Cleaner is a stand-alone unit you can place anywhere in the home to keep your air clean and healthy. Nice thing about is you will never need a filter replacement. Attach the enclosed cleaning brush to your vacuum and clean the permanent filter every three months.

This slim tower air cleaner comes with the Galileo Wireless Air Quality Center. This allows you to program the controls and run the PERMAtech remotely, from across the room. No need to get up and change settings. Besides sending radio frequency signals, Galileo also has clock and alarm modes, and displays air quality even when PERMAtech is turned off. More at


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Trip Planning

AGELLANíS ought to be your first stop to shop for your travel necessities before you head out on your journey. A premier source of travel supplies since 1989, the company offers these new items to make your trip most pleasant. Order at

Down Travel Slippers, insulated with goose down and feathers, feels like youíre walking on air. Itís just what you need on the plane or in the hotel room. Put them in the travel pouch or just fold in half and tuck them in a corner of your bag. Burgundy or blue for women; slate for men. $39.85.

Battery Charger plugs into 110 or 220 volt sockets to charge up to four AA or AAA nickel-metal or Ni-Cad batteries in four to five hours. Comes with four AA rechargeable batteries. $24.85.

Three-Way Car Adaptor gives you three DC sockets to operate and charge your cell phone, laptop, PDA and iPod. It swivels to any angle. $14.85.

Universal iPod Navigator, plugged into your carís cigarette lighter port, keeps your iPod playing through the in-dash stereo speakers. It is wireless and cordless and truly portable. $34.85.

VIOLight gives you peace of mind as it sanitizes your toothbrush with UV light. The UV light shuts off automatically after the sanitation cycle ends. Takes two AA batteries. So clean your toothbrush the UV way and keep those nasty germs away. $29.85

SearchAlert Combo Locks have a window that changes color from green to red if the lock has been opened by persons unknown Ė even by TSA. You can re-set back to green. Two locks per order in pewter, black or red. $19.85.


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New From Screenlife

CREENLIFE, the Seattle company that has reinvigorated the board game industry with its unique Scene It? DVD games, has released a new version of its popular 007 Collectors Edition Scene It? The DVD Game. It now features film clips and trivia from all 21 James Bond movies, including the latest, Casino Royale.

The package includes a game board, game DVD, 6 metal tokens, 200 trivia cards, 30 Q cards, 4 reference cards, 2 different dice, deck of casino playing cards with pictures from the films and other items for an exciting challenge for 2 or more players ages 13 and up.

This Collectorís Limited Edition is packaged in an attractive tin can and priced at $49.95.

American Idol: All Star Challenge DVD Game continues to be a popular Screenlife presentation. Transform your living room into a talent showdown and put yourself in the running with one or more competitors as you progress from auditions to the finals Ė reliving all the trials and tribulations of one of the hottest shows on the tube. Ages 8 and up, $34.95.

Marvel Deluxe Edition Scene It? for two or more players ages 13 and up comes with two DVDs full of movie and TV clips from Spider-Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four, plus trivia questions and puzzlers. Packaged in tin and priced at $49.95.

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