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The Ultimate Road Warrior

HO invented the AlphaSmart Neo has to be the greatest genius since Gutenberg. I’d nominate him/her for the Nobel.

For writers, and others who live by the pen (and laptop), the AlphaSmart is unsurpassed as the friendliest tool to make you efficient and productive. It is – so far – the ultimate mobile writing solution.

It is a must-have for us writers who travel from location to location to cover charity galas, fundraising luncheons, press conferences and person-to-person interviews where a pen and notepad is a vital implement of our trade.

Actually you can leave the pen in your pocket. Just take the lightweight (at two pounds) Neo out of your briefcase, press the on button and you’re ready to go. No boot-up to wait for! Three AA batteries afford 700 hours of writing in eight files, hundreds of pages of text. Watch your progress on the LCD which shows from two to six lines of type on the screen, depending on your choice of large or small type size.

I got tired of scribbling notes on a pad and trying to read my own handwriting later as I typed them on my desktop. I can cover eight different events and store my notes in individual files. Actually I compose my stories as I take notes. When I return to my office I attach the USB cord and press one key to download each file to my PC for final editing. I don’t see how I can live without my Neo.

While a major market for the AlphaSmart Neo is the school – with students taking notes in class and at lectures – almost everyone will benefit with this amazing computerized typewriter. I mean lawyers questioning clients, insurance guys, detectives on a case, the list is endless.

Trust me, get one for yourself and you’ll write to thank me. If nothing else, it’s a great conversation starter. When I place my Neo, which looks quite elegant, on the dinner table at a black-tie gala to take notes during the program, inevitably heads turn, questions are asked, and I’m engulfed in compliments. For more information and to order a Neo at $249 go to


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Almost Like Magic

HE all-in-one craze hits the kitchen with the Magic Bullet. This versatile appliance is a blender, food processor, juicer, mixer and knife all in one. In just seconds you’ll chop, dice, whip and blend.

Place one of the bullet cups on the base and press, and you’ll dice onions, chop herbs, make soups, whip cream and mash baby food. Make a smoothie in the plastic mug and you can take it on the way to the gym.

This 17-piece set includes two blades, cups, four party mugs, shaker/steamer tops, Bullet Juicer attachment, which are all dishwasher safe. Plus a 10-second recipe booklet. $59.99.


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New Entries For Cool Living

ARK FELDSTEIN has been developing and importing unique products for 20 years out of Maumee, Ohio. Visit to see some of the distinctive items on offer, or contact for the new catalog. Among the many innovative entries in the 2207 Collection are the following:

Flameless Candles with three scents – citrus, lavender and vanilla. Three AAA batteries keep the LED light flickering and glowing like a real candle, with no drips or mess. You can even set it to change colors. Two sizes: 4 inches, $9.95; 6 inches, $12.50.

TouchFan is a powerful little fan for the desk, or to carry around with its lanyard. Just touch the side and you get a cool breeze. Or stand it up in its base and you have a desktop fan while you work. Comes in pink, blue, red and silver, at $9.95.

Aquadock MP3/CD/AM/FM Radio is a splash proof dock for iPod or MP3 players so you can shower to the music. Fine for the office, the dorm, or in the kitchen. Take it to the pool or beach and you’re never without music. Has removable stand. $59.95.

MiniDig Camera has a chain so you can clip it to your backpack, belt or keys. Includes software and USB cable and features digital video recorder, web cam and automatic shutoff. $19.95.

MegaBass MP3 Mini Speakers is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse so you can take them anywhere. They may be small but they produce powerful sound for any iPod/MP3 player. Matte-black rubberized finish, $19.95.

Illuminator Radio/Flashlight is a flashlight and radio combo. This is great for any emergency. You don’t need bulbs or batteries. Just crank the handle and you have power for light and radio. $19.95.

MiniDig Photo Album is tiny, with a 1.1 inch screen, to view up to 56 pictures. Store your favorite images and change them at will. Pictures can repeat like a slide show. Keep it in your pocket or wear it as a necklace. Complete with software, USB cable and pouch. $49.95.


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Relaxing Fun

EW games from Out of the Box Publishing include CoverUp, where connections run deep, and MixUp, where color takes on shape. Both are for two players, from 8 years and up. The strategy games are $19.99.

A new take on the game of Bridge is aBRIDGEd, which does away with the complex bidding. With newly designed cards, you’re in for relaxing fun. For four players ages 12 and up. $14.99. Pepper is an innovative card game that plays like a ball game. For 3-5 players, ages 8 and up. $5.99.


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Charge It Up

AVE you been stranded with a dead cell phone battery? No need to worry if you have a Turbo Charge in your pocket, purse or briefcase. It is stylishly designed and measures just 5 inches in length.

With a single AA battery (which is included), it will give your mobile phone a boost for up to two hours of talk time or 40 hours of standby time.

The Turbo Charge comes with an assortment of adaptors to fit almost any cell phone. Priced at $29.95 at Comp USA, The Sharper Image, or

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