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Spielberg Marks 30th Year
Of Jaws to Benefit School

Story by Edward T. Callaghan 
Photos by
John Wegorzewski

ARD to believe that Jaws, the film that made us think twice about going into the surf, was released 30 years ago. Steven Spielberg, its creator, celebrated the milestone with a special East Hampton screening at Guild Hall to benefit The Hayground School of Bridghampton. The film’s star Roy Scheider and War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp were there, too.

Spielberg who maintains an average Joe profile here, walking the beach, sailing with his kids and hitting the less glittering eateries, arrived solo for the pre-screening reception. Toni Ross and Susan Ringo pitched in to cohost with Scheider and his wife Brenda Seimer, all cofounders of Hayground, a culturally, racially and economically diverse school now celebrating its 11th year. Both Roy and Steven, like any PTA member, are passionate supporters of the school as their children are students there

The screening – the first large size showing since Jaws original release – proved that Spielberg‘s man against big fish saga can still make you jump out of your seat. From the opening strains of John Williams’ brilliant score the tension was palpable and the gasps audible.

Students were selling homemade cookies in the shape of sharks and swimmers and the guests were all too ready to bite off a leg or two, much to the delight of the young bakers/sellers Tanya Willock, Morgana Keller-Tetherow and Kericia Walker and parent Miche .Bacher.

Among those who helped make the evening a sell-out were Guild Hall chairman Mickey Straus , Barry Slotnick , Nicole Brewer , Maria Tennariello , Barry and Donna Slotnick , Gina Glickman , John Wegorzewski , Alma Phipps ,Rose Billings , Dan Rattiner , Henry and Peggy Schleiff and hundreds more.

Just another night at the movies in a small town —only in this case an historic event!

Main Events

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