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Damon Dash

Believe In Yourself

AMON DASH was the keynote speaker at the graduation of my school's most important day.  I am an honorary principal at MS 302, and their one wish was to have Damon be there for them.  

Driving to the South Bronx is no easy feat in midtown traffic, but Damon came to Lehman College. You could hear the excitement as soon as the kids realized that their favorite Big Star was amongst them. 

He spoke eloquently about believing in yourself, not letting anyone else define how successful you're going to be, and be proud of yourself from this day forward. He inspired them and he inspired me. His eloquence was totally on target for these young boys and girls. 

"With Damon coming to their graduation, he has inspired a whole new generation of youth, ones who really need him, and look up to him," principal Angel Rodriguez said.


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Dr. Acquista's book

The Mediterranean Rx

Photo by Barry Talesnick

s many of us head to the Riviera and the Mediterranean for vacation, it’s nice to know we can toast to our heart health while digging into the local epicurean delights. Dr. Angelo Acquista’s latest book, The Mediterranean Prescription, is the newest hot diet and health guide, based on the cuisine of his native Sicily.

Recently Ivana Trump and Angie Everhart joined host Giuseppe Cipriani at the launch party for the book at Cipriani 23rd Street in New York Guests were not only treated to a Prescription-inspired feast, but to a knee-slapping and heartfelt speech from the good doctor – and celebrated author.

At another dinner party at his home, Angelo hosted Laurie Dhue, Lee Mellis, and Lenny Toboroff, among others. Serafina owners Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato sent over their newest creation, "Pizza di Angelo," but the rest of the night’s treats, all of which Dr. Acquista whipped up himself, came straight from Prescription

In this post-Atkins age, the dinner conversation was how anyone could ever have given up pasta, when it is as tasty as Angelo’s.


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Roger Dryer and Marines

This Magical Town

OW you see it, now you don't. Fantasma has come to Madison Square Garden (at least to 7th & 33rd!). If you're a magic junky, if you're mesmerized by sleight of hand, this is the place for you. 

Roger Dreyer has assembled the largest group of fantastic magicians to entertain and perform across the city.  It's a fabulous party place for children of all ages. 

Even two left-handed people can be shown how to perform tricks as if by magic!


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Montel Williams and Tara Fowler

Toys For Tots

OR Montel Williams' 50th birthday party it couldn't be ordinary for this truly extraordinary man.  A former Marine who actually graduated as a Naval officer from Annapolis, Montel wanted to share the wonder of his 50th birthday party with family, friends, and the Marines. 

So instead of everyone gifting this very fortunate man, he asked they bring tons of toys for Toys For Tots!  And his friends did, over 3,000 toys, and several thousands of dollars in contributions. 

A red carpet of Marines greeted the guests.

Montel announced his engagement to the beautiful Tara Fowler who had stolen his heart.  Honoring his Dad, a former fire chief in Baltimore, men of the fabled Ten House, the "first call" house for the World Trade Center, came along to swap stories. 

TV faces included Rita Cosby, Jodi Applegate, Felicia Taylor, as well as Nile Rodgers, Jim Norton, Silvia Miles and Kieran.  Magicians from Fantasma also worked the room with their magic – and a Happy Birthday party was had by all!


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Jeanine Pierro and Denise Rich

Chocolate Does That To You

EATPACKING hotspot AER Lounge hosted a party for Bombardier Learjet, which boasted specialty cocktails created especially for the occasion, to spotlight the company’s premier jets: the Challenger, the Global and the Learjet. 

Bombardier continues to show its commitment to charity. They presented a check for $25,000 to Denise Rich, founder of the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research.

World renowned recording artist Kathy Sledge and the Sledge Sisters brought the house to its feet! 

Jeanine Pierro had to run out but was lured back in by the dark chocolates Learjet served at the end of the evening!


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Cynthia Maltese and Catherine Saxton

Steve Scheffer, chairman of the USO of
Metropolitan New York,
Francine Lefrak and Rick Friedberg

Outstanding Women

Photos by Richard Lobell

HIS year's honorees at the USO Women of the Year luncheon, a remarkable group of four women were legendary theatre and TV producer Francine Le Frak, A&E’s Abbe Raven, General Margrit Farmer and JP Morgan Chase’s Betsey Bennett. 

Guests included Donna Soloway, Caroline Hirsch, and Cynthia Maltese, among the assembled 400.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.


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