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Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey,
Rabbi Arthur Schneier and
Ambassador Dan Gillerman

Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf with
Rabbi Arthur Schneier at Park East dinner

Ambassador Marvels
At This Crazy World

Story & Photos by Tim Boxer

SRAELI Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman called his grandson Ron in Jerusalem to say that he’s going to be the main speak at the Park East Synagogue’s 116th anniversary dinner in Manhattan. Ron, 7, who had spent two years at Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School, told grandpa, "Don’t forget, this will be the most important speech you will ever give."

"We are proud to see Ron turn into a fine young man," Ambassador Gillerman said. "He went home with a great commitment to the Jewish people and great support for the New Jersey Nets."

In his speech the ambassador said, "You know the world is going crazy when the world’s greatest rapper is white, the greatest golfer is black, the greatest soldiers are Jewish and France accuses America of being arrogant."

When the chief executive of Nestle paid a visit to the day school, Rabbi Arthur Schneier asked a class for the capital of Switzerland. Some said, Zurich, others said Geneva. No one knew it was Bern.

Asked what Switzerland is famous for, everyone knew – chocolate.

Elisabeth and Rabbi Arthur Schneier,
Gov. Jon Corzine, with Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf

What kind of chocolate?

"Nestle," the kids said.

The Nestle chief was so impressed he sent each child a big box of chocolate.

Rabbi Schneier honored Audrey and Zygmunt Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings football team. "As I speak about our team around the Midwest," Wilf said, "I start off by saying I am a proud Jewish son of Holocaust survivors."

Main Events

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