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Lee and Jamie Niven

Maurice and Corrine Greenberg

Mary and  Marvin Davidson

Donna and Benjamin Rosen

2006 Awards For Excellence
Helps Support Patient Care

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Mary Hilliard

T WAS an awesome night at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan when Mary Davidson and Donna Rosen co-chaired the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's 2006 Awards for Excellence.

Awards were presented to James D. Robinson III, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg and Dr. Kathleen M. Foley at a top-drawer black-tie dinner dance.

Leading the applause were honorees from previous years such as Ben Rosen, Dr. Murray Brennan, Dr. George Bosl, Dr. Paul Marks, David Koch and Jamie Niven.

Also present were Laurie Carson, Sandy and Patsy Warner, Arie and Coco Kopelman, Nicole and Derek Limbocker, Susan and Coleman Burke, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Jane, Rusty and Ashley Holzer, Peter and Leslie Jones, Daisy and Paul Soros, Thorunn Wathne, Hilary and Joseph Califano, Muffie Potter and Sherrell Aston, Tom Guinzburg, Victoria Anstead, Henri and Marie Barguirdjian, Donald Rynne, Nanette Ross and honorary co-chairs Dr. Harold Varmus and Constance Casey.

More than $800,000 was raised to support the Society's patient care, research and education programs at the Center.

Society president Vera Safai said, "The Society Awards for Excellence is our opportunity to pay tribute to individuals whose considerable talent, generosity and achievements have done so much to advance the mission of the Center. This year it is also an opportunity for us to celebrate the Society's 60th anniversary."

Other guests included the winners' families Charles, Fritz and David Foley with their cousin Corinne Maloney, Linda Robinson and Corinne Greenberg, as well as, Dr. Bijan Safai, Marvin Davidson, Lee Niven, Dr. Annette Rickel, Victor Rubino, Lisa Silverman, John Damonti, Joan Marks, William and Iffath Hoskins, Dr. Larry Norton, Rachel Lutzker, Andrea Ashford, Craig Eagle, Janet Willis, Pat Skarulis, Catherine and Fred Adler, Amy and Hartley Rogers, Peter Scardino, Ellen and Kenneth Roman, Beryl and Paul Schorr, Isabelle and John Tonelli, Barbara Yastine, and Judith Kelman.

They danced until almost midnight to the swing and light rock played by Joe's Jersey Jazz Jesters. Among those polishing the parquet were Heather and Thomas Leeds, Grace and Chris Meigher, Sheri and Larry Babbio, Bambi and Rafe de la Gueronniere, Karen and Anthony May, Helena and Roman Martinez, Robyn and Kenneth Joseph, Sheila and Randall Burkert, Ann and John Pyne, Carol and Peter McNierney, Stephen and Kitty Sherrill, Muffy and Donald Miller, Maria Theodoulou and Allan Haber, Anne and John McSweeney, George and Linda Jorgenson, Kathryn and Alex Martin and many more who make good works as much a part of their lives as eating and breathing.

Main Events

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