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Victoria Clark and Charles Strouse
Photo by Barry Gordin Agency

Bway Tunes Are Cool

HE’S Tony's leading lady on Broadway, but Light In The Piazza's Victoria Clark starred in a wonderful evening of Charles Strouse music at the New York Historical Society. 

Ms. Clark hosted an all-star cast of Broadway's finest, including Alexander Gemignani of Sweeney Todd. Mr. Strouse made a special appearance.  

Vickie, an American Musicals Project concert alum herself, brought down the house with a soaring rendition of Children of the Wind

Mr. Strouse was as charming as his loveliest melodies.  "We had no idea we were teaching history," he said of himself and his lyricist partners. "We just thought we were writing some good songs." 

The evening was a huge success for a program whose aim is to bring passion and fun to American History and English Language Arts in New York public schools.  A video produced for the evening featured an eighth grade teacher who said of her students, "They say they don't like Annie because they want to sound cool. And then you hear them singing the songs in the halls!" 

Jackie Hoffman, Tricia Walsh Smith
and Martha Plimpton

Photo by Lyn Hughes

Sting with Cecilia and
James Earl Jones 
Photo by Barry Gordin Agency

Shedding Tears, Raising Funds

E all suffer from Addictions one way or another. But Tricia Walsh Smith's reading of her three one-act plays brought the audience to tears and to cheer the players and the writer.  

The most powerful players on Broadway – from behind the scenes and on the stage – filled the audience, and the after-party at Ruby Foo's, raising $120,000 for a good cause, the Kevin Walsh Scholarship Fund for adults needing rehabilitation.

Sting was there to cheer on his wife Trudie Styler.  AlsoElaine Stritch, James Earl Jones, Claudia Shear, Michele Herbert, Cece Black, and president Philip J. Smith and chairman Gerald Schoenfeld of the Shubert Organization.

Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr.,
David B. Roosevelt and
Lt. Col. Lee A. Archer
Photo by Ira Cohen

Fabled Aviators

T was one of the most sparkling nights in the Rainbow Room – 64 stories high offering breathtaking views on all four sides serving to remind everyone how beautiful New York is. 

Everyone had gathered to honor a fabled group of aviators – the legendary Tuskegee Airmen.  Having faced prejudice, intolerance and bigotry in the United States, these gallant men flew and fought beside their fellow countrymen and achieved one of the finest flying records ever made.

David Bythewood, a USO board member, organized the evening. He was backed by a powerhouse committee that included Myron J. Berman, Phyllis Criscuoli, Melvin I. Douglass, Clarice Joynes, Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsome, William D. Rueckert, and Raymond Shepherd

They were all there to honor former Eleanor Roosevelt, the guiding light of these courageous men, whose flight with Charles "Chief" Anderson led the way to their being commissioned into the Army Air Corps.  Col. Lee A. Archer and Dr. Roscoe C. Brown were also honored.  It was a magical, historical evening recognizing the courage and heroism of these gallant airmen.

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