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Junior PET

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Two In One
Way To Go

HEN Johnathan, at 3, acquired a baby sister, he was in need of a double stroller that would accommodate both him and Anna Ruth. So who do you turn to? Peg-Perego, of course.

Peg-Perego Aria Twin, with lacquered aluminum frame, easily earns the PET Seal of Approval, as certified by Johnathan, our three-year-old Junior PET. At 30 inches across, the two-seater stroller affords plenty of room for both occupants without getting into each other’s way. And it’s narrow enough to access your apartment building’s elevator.

This handsome Italian-crafted carrier is absolutely lightweight. It proved easy to fold and store in the trunk of the car, and easy to open with the flick of the hand. A carrying handle on the side made it convenient to carry the folded stroller to the car or to the house.

To meet each child’s needs, the stroller has two separate hoods, and the backrests recline separately to several different positions. A large basket on the bottom holds sundry items for the trip. The handle holds a baby bottle or drink holder.

Most important are the four double wheels. The front wheels swivel or lock; back wheels have separate brakes.

MSRP $349.99. See more at


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Three In One

OREL Paint Shop Pro Photo Art Suite consists of three programs. Paint Shop Pro X helps you turn your camera work into great looking pictures. You can adjust and retouch, create and collage, and play with graphics and add special effects.

Painter Essentials 3 offers you the ability to turn photos into paintings with the look of watercolor, oil, chalk, impressionist or pencil effects.

Photo Album 6 downloads your collection and allows you to share your input 20 different ways, including TV slide shows, print and online. Make greeting cards, calendars and scrapbooks with the aid of numerous templates. Automatically back up your photos on CD or DVD.


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Ride With Pride

ITH patience you too can do it. To assemble the Kettler 12" Bingo Bicycle takes patience…and tools. You must approach the task diligently armed with a regular screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, open-end wrench, Allen key wrench, and standard slip joint pliers.

If you can supply all that, Kettler will reward you with a magnificent product.

Junior PET Johnathan, at 3, got the bike up and spinning easily. His secret? Utilizing the skills of his three talented uncles, Isaac, Samuel and Joseph, who came equipped with the requisite tools. The boys are amazing – and so is the bike!

It has a brake on the front and a coaster brake on the rear wheel. Also front and rear reflectors and fenders, rear luggage rack, metal bell, and padded handlebar and seat.

The fully enclosed chain guard is a good safety feature. The sturdy steel frame looks nice. In a year or so Johnathan will detach the training wheels.

Price: $149.99. See more bicycles and other toys at


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Kid Power

OU’LL suffer no energy crisis with the unique PlasmaCar. For this new ride-on toy, geared for young folk from 3 to 12, just bring your own power to the wheel.

It works like this. Sit down, put your feet up, and rotate the steering wheel from side to side to propel the car. Needs no batteries, has no pedals. Uses pure kid power.

You’ll be amazed at the speed – 6 mph. Just be sure you’re riding on a wood surface or outdoors on smooth sidewalk.

Comes in four vivid colors: blue, green, purple and red. $69.95. See more at


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Magnetic Power

NVENTOR Michael Stromberg entered the parlor/table-top game market with a winner. Based in Guilford, Conn., Stromberg is marketing his Kineti-Go as a fresh new product that spells creativity. He promises to introduce more innovative games that you don’t plug in or turn on. You just play.

Kineti-Go is a wooden board game powered by magnets. Players release their pucks (plastic encased magnets) from a shooter toward three point zones, trying to outscore each other.

Price: $129.99, or $159.99 with stand. See more at

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