Catherine Saxton

Arthur Backal and Ethel Gittlin

Judith Ripka and Ethel Gittlin

Art To Warm You Up

Photos by Wendy Greenberg

URING March Ethel Gittlin's paintings of the South of France were the gems on display at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York. On opening day the world-class artist was joined by a crowd of friends that included jeweler Judith Ripka and Cipriani USA president Arthur Backal.   

The images of sea and greenery were enough to warm up a particularly chilly weekend. Le Paysage / La Marine featured scenes from the Riviera (how appropriate for Cipriani Porto Cervo).  

New V In Town

VERYONE goes to the Oscars...well, almost everyone.  Greece's No. 1 fashion designer, Vlassis Holevas, flew in from his runway for the annual rite of the Oscar's red carpet, and the stars need to be sumptuously dressed. 

Taking his stunning new 2006 collection, Vlassis set up shop with the Stuart Weitzman team in the Beverly Hills Hilton, and it became haute couture central.  Stars of every age and stature were on the hunt for the perfect dress, and many had heard of Vlassis from his fabulous word of mouth publicity machine. 

Vlassis is movie star handsome so he received many invitations to escort the hot young actresses. It's a guarantee that the new V in town (along with Versace and Valentino), will be back next year.

Cindy and Jazzy

 A Dog’s Life

INDY ADAMS has been known to make grown men cry, tough women weep, and publicists around the world break down when they couldn't crack her column.  But Cindy is a total mush when it comes to her favorite subject – Jazzy, Juicy and Me (the name of her new delicious book). 

Actually titled Living A Dog's Life, this hard working journalist who can slay with just a sentence fell in love with her Yorkshire Terriers shortly after the death of her comedian husband Joey Adams.  To help ease her pain, a friend gave her a two-and-a-half-pound furball, and the rest is a love story.  Sadly, Jazzy died way too young of a sudden illness.  Devastated, Cindy turned to Juicy for help, and the two of them are living happily together. 

It's a fabulous book, full of wit, humor, an inside look into celebrity – and into the heart of a zealous pet lover.  So, go curl up on your favorite couch with your loving pet and enjoy the book. It's hours of pure entertainment.

Catherine Saxton has been a part of the New York social and celebrity scene for
the past 25 years. She has worked with Presidents, Kings and Princes,
plus celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly,
Donald & Ivana Trump, Madonna, and on, and on.

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