Harvey Krueger and
Senator Hillary Rodham

Ephraim Propp and Senator Clinton

Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice
chairman of the Presidents Conference,
and Senator Clinton

Rabbi Marc Schneier and
Senator Clinton

Senator Clinton with (from right)
Ephraim Propp, wife Gail, and
daughter Anna

President Vows To Bring
Scientific Stars To Campus

Story and Photos by Tim Boxer

ENATOR Hillary Rodham Clinton was quite thrilled to receive an honorary doctorate at the jubilee anniversary dinner and convocation of American Friends of Bar-Ilan University at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

"My mother always wanted a doctor," she remarked. "I am open for business."

Moshe Kaveh, president of Bar-Ilan, located in Ramat Gan in Israel, handed out honorary degrees also to Harvey M. Krueger, vice chairman emeritus of Lehman Brothers, Mortimer B. Zuckerman, publisher of New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, and stock broker Ephraim Propp. He presented a lifetime achievement award to Slim-Fast founder S. Daniel Abraham.

Senator Clinton warned that unless Hamas renounces violence and terrorism "the U.S. and I hope all our allies must not recognize Hamas."

She also affirmed support for the security fence Israel is building because the first obligation of any nation is to protect its people. "It is impossible to prevent suicide bombers from infiltrating unless you have a physical barrier."

As a scientist, Kaveh said he found that the world stands on three legs: money, money, money. So he thanked the guests for the funds they raised.

Kaveh said the university, with 33,000 students, is the largest in the world. His dream is to bring 50 top ranked scientists to the campus. He will begin next year by inviting five scientists to join the faculty.

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