Maj. Gen. Elyezer Shkady and
Yad Vashem vice chairman
Eugen Gluck

Israel to Iran:
Never Again!

Story and Photo: Tim Boxer

LYEZER SHKADY is here only because his father, now 80, had summoned up the courage, and desperation, to jump from a train that was transporting Jews from Hungary to a Nazi death camp. He escaped the Holocaust for a life in Israel.

Addressing the 21st annual dinner of the American & International Societies for Yad Vashem, the commander of the Israel Air Force aimed a broadside at Iran’s president.

"In 1944 the Germans wanted to wipe the Jews of Hungary off the face of the world," Major General Shkady said, "and today the Iranians want to wipe the Jews of Israel off the face of the map.

"The state of Israel is the guarantor that such horror will never happen again. We stand ready to defend the Jewish people in our homeland and around the world. The Israel Air Force will strike our enemies any time any place."

Chairman Elie Zborowski welcomed diplomats and ambassadors from Romania, Bulgaria, Japan, France, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Russia to the dinner at the Sheraton New York.

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