Jamie Drake and
Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mallory and Roy Kean

Lauren Ezersky

Heather Cohane and
Charlie Scheips

New York Trendsetters
Celebrate His First Book

Story by Roger Webster
Photos by Jonathan Grassi/PMc

AMIE DRAKE was joined by 400 friends and fans at the launch of his first book, Jamie Drake's New American Glamour at Pace Prints on Manhattan’s East 57th Street. This gorgeous coffee table book captures the lush, high-wattage eclecticism of Jamie's award-winning work.

Jamie brought the book to life with a vignette featuring vintage furniture from the 1890s to the 1950s, including a Russian gilt chair, a coral lacquered chinoisserie cocktail table, a pair of Eames stools covered in orange lizard and a mink throw from Ralph Lauren draped over a cream colored couch.

On the peach and tangerine walls were stunning paintings by Francis Bacon, Frank Stella and Chuck Close.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a longtime client, joined the party as did Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris, art consultant Michel Witmer, Parisian antique dealers extraordinaire Ondine de Rothschild and Ariane Dandois, gallery owner Tony Ingrao, Alexandra Penney, Jason Witcher, Sharon Hoge, Mallory and Roy Kean.

Also Alison Mazzola, Stephen Jacoby, Arthur Dunnam, Melissa Berkelhammer, Jay Johnson and Tom Cashin, Michèle Gerber Klein, Jason Grant,  Frances Hayward, Heather and Alexander Cohane, Karen Teves, Stephen Sills and James "Ford" Hunniford, Maryann Restivo, Mark Epstein, Lauren Ezersky, Charlie Scheips, Robin Bell, Mark Langrish, Pilar Viladas, Nina Phipps, James Reginato and Nancy Corzine.

Among those taking home autographed copies of Jamie’s book were Anne Ellington, Maryse Livoti, Betsy Boggs, Naz Tsfit, Tom Lampson and Diane Dunne.

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