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[ Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Corel Photo Album 6 ] [ GN6210 Headset ]
[ Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser ] [ Star Navigator, Touch Chess ]

Corel’s Powerful Editing
Software For Your Photos

OREL, which acquired Jasc Software, has issued new versions of Paint Shop Pro X and Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition. These are excellent tools to help you get the most out of your digital images.

Whether you’re interested in taking pictures with auto setting, or you’re advanced enough to use manual modes, you will find Paint Shop Pro X a great choice for all your editing needs.

Photo fixes are easy to apply, whether you’re cropping, eliminating red eye, color correcting, retouching by removing blemishes and wrinkles, or coloring only selective portions of a photo.

It’s amazing what you can do to improve your photos.

With Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition you download your images from any camera or memory card, automatically rotate them, catalog your entire collection and enhance them any way you wish with thousands of templates.

Paint Shop Pro X lists for $129 but is available for $59 and Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition costs $49 at

One Headset For Both
Office And Mobile Phones

HE GN6210 is the only headset that simultaneously links to two devices – your standard desk phone and your Bluetooth mobile phone. This dual use wireless headphone allows you to communicate hands-free in the office and on the road.

At a mere .8 ounce, the headset fits snugly behind your ear. You can talk for eight hours up to 33 feet away from your phone. Using an optional adaptor, you can even use the headset without Bluetooth.

List $249 from GN Netcom. More at

Logitech Desktop
Smarter Than You

ILLED as the world’s first smart desktop, Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser not only gives you added functionality but its slim design makes your desktop a joy to work on.

Multimedia fans will welcome the ability to control music and photos from the keyboard. Three buttons at the top left of the keyboard gives you immediate access to My Videos, My Music and My Pictures folders.

Slide your finger on the media control pad at the left side of the keyboard and you can use the Play, Pause, Previous and Next, Zoom and Volume controls for your music or photos.

The dashboard LCD display is remarkable. It shows your name, temperature (the room’s, not yours), date and time, also keyboard status such as Caps, Lock, Num Lock, or F-key lock. It even alerts you when you have to change batteries. The laser mouse is rechargeable.

Suggested price $149.99. More at

Tracking Stars

TAR NAVIGATOR helps you track stars and planets. It labels the night sky on 16 illuminated charts. Choose the constellation or planet you want to find, and Star Navigator points you in the right direction on its lighted LED. You can then use your binoculars or telescope to see it in the sky. $49.95.

This is another great product from Excalibur Electronics of Miami. Their extensive catalog is loaded with fun and educational items for all ages, such as the Deluxe Talking Touch Chess. Use the stylus on this pocket chess computer for hours of enjoyment while traveling. It talks in English, French and German and has a built-in clock. Choose from 136 levels of play. $99.95. See more at

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